Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday zen

I promised if she did hard math with me for an hours time she could 'present' Goat Simulator for time in school today.  She said that would be her 'perfect day'... it turned out more like a course in anger management and finding our zen balance.

11.30a    - Kahn academy math - practiced all early math!
----She has yet to do the mastery on a lot of them, has earned her Aqualine of more than 20 skills mastered.  She is now at 65% done K through 2nd grade - since October - and has at least practiced every activity in the K through 2nd grade set.  Although she got snippy at me and sarcastic several times, she demonstrated she does understand borrowing and carrying (which she can 'forget' often when she feels like it) but is still having trouble telling time on analog clocks.  That makes her very frustrated...and we had to take a break

12p    - break
12:30 - Kahn and Matific math
-----I promised some 'easier' picture math after she did one more mastery exercise in Kahn.

1:30 - Goat Simulator controls presentation
--She showed me what each control does, what the powers of different goats are, and her favorite places - also where some of the powers are got and what the process is to get them.

2p   - spelling test and reading passage
---Spelling mastery article #5, 16 words spelling - 'were' and 'said' made her mad because they don't follow rules the other sounds do... that was my problem as a young reader, too.

2:15 - 'teaching' 2nd player to use controls from presentation
---I played and she gave me pointers, then we did a quest in MMO simulator

3 - Snap Circuits # 16
3:45 - anger manageent - there were lots of other things going on and she wanted us to do the project for her... we talked through and completed the circuit.
4 - break
4:45 - put away snap circuits
5 pm - done

We tried to get to town, leaving Esme at Grandma's house.  The county road is still too slick on the hills and we can't get over.  Getting over is half the battle - you have to get back.  There is another snowstorm predicted tonight... we'll see how this all goes.

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