Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday geometry and town run

10.30a    - English worksheets
Reading comprehension sheet: 'The Weather', also a long -i recognition sheet (circle the ones that are) and then a fill in the blank I had made of which word goes where - 'where', 'were', 'they', 'there', 'their', 'we', 'which' and 'when'.  She fussed for a moment - but with the goal of playing her pet doctor/care game she then sped through them...even after I told her the first two were first grade and the last one was second grade.  She has been insisting that first grade was too hard for her, not too easy...but she continues to show me again and again that she is bored and 'why should I do this?' when I hand her the first grade stuff....unless I identify it as such. //thoughts here....
11a     - pet playing game, 'pet doctor', feeding, care
11:30     - break
Solid geometry experiments in construction paper
and a poor turkey with a cone on his head

12p    - pyramids; solid geometry, pinata
----I used the net boxes from Math Salamanders to cut out lots of geometric solids, some of which she helped me put together - or compared, talked about features of etc.  She really 'gets' it.  We cut cones from construction paper - that she found hard, because we started with no pattern.  Then also with no real pattern - we cut out a cube box and a rectangular prism.  She started to fuss that it was too easy yet too hard for her to do it..we did it together, and she understood the fundamental of what we were doing --then she thought it was fun and worthwhile.  We went downstairs and made a pinata in the shape of a pyramid.  I showed her the process for cutting a square out of a rectangular piece of paper, and we compared the triangle from the pyramid to see if all the sides were the same.  Then, I showed her how to make an isosceles triangle out of a square.
1.15p    - break

1.30p    - town & stores
--she helped us shop for the first time in 12 days....we had a lot of things to get.  Her attitude was very good.
--There is a lot of cooperation, thought and learning in this - she sees us all work together, we make decisions, she asks questions and we answer... we pack things in the cart and back out of the cart - she also counted her own change at one store and bought a small toy with her allowance.
3:3p    - break, home, put things away

4p -  hang pinata and break it
4:15p - break

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