Thursday, August 31, 2006

Squint's busy day

Squint has gotten quite a few requests for more pictures, so here we are!
It's hard work being a cyber kitten!

Helping out with work in my computer bag
by chewing on it

And assisting with hardware components
in the computer workshop
And he got his head licked by a dog!

Taking a break 'helping' with Mr.J's newspaper

A cruise by the aquarium

Dreaming of all the things to play with tomorrow
He is starting to gain weight better now, and is growing a long set of legs the rest of him hasn't caught up to yet!

I won an UNannounced contest over at Jeanne's blog, k3tog. Thank you! Wow!

Linky: Pattern for Green socks found via Crafty Dormouse.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Small owl motifs

I've been working on three small owl motifs today in my graphics program. Basically, it is the same owl with three different types of wings. Tried knitting one of them up but messed up on the width and had to rip it out halfway done :o( I'll try again!

Anybody else I know want to test-knit one? I have the large versions available. Send me an email :o) They are each 26 stitches wide or less and might work well for the backs of mittens or as a repeating pattern for a bag.

We have new neighbors again - and our girls are nervous and scared of all the sounds next door. However, they are very happy that we opened up the living room windows and let them hang out there all day. We see the third of our next round of possible new homes/pieces of land. So far we are leaning towards the raw land, but the house today wasn't too bad either.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mr.J and Squint help take knitting pictures

Good News:
Squint is going to his new home in Northern California in a little under two weeks! I spoke with Kellen on the phone, and she is truly excited and waiting to love him.

We will drive him to the Memphis airport to meet his new owners/parents! This little guy, despite all the hardships that have come his way, has a lot of luck! I hope he brings his love, affection and lucky charms to his new people :o)

Mr.J, and Squint, helped me take these pictures. Kelly's idea of it being both continental and reversed might be the answer! It would solve both the 'funny style of knitting' and the 'you're doing it all backwards' comments at the same time.

As you can see, Squint was a big help to this production :o)
At least, we let him think so!

Linky: Cute blog at Shim + Sons, a stationery designer and poster of cute Japanese crafts! Found via Crafting Japanese.
Linky: Summer Nights jacket pattern at MagKnits.
Linky: Raven Frog Fiber Arts yarn available here (Aug 30, 2006)

Monday, August 28, 2006

The way I knit

I don't know! I've heard 'upside-down', 'backwards', 'I've never seen anyone knit like that before...' etc... and so far no one has convinced me they really know, only that they are confused too. My best guess is that it is continental - am I right?

So, can anyone tell by these one-handed pictures?

CarrieK: I hold the yarn and the project in my left hand and do the work with the right hand.

All pictures enlarge up to about 1200px when clicked.
I promise kitty pictures at the end!

starting out - yarn to left

picking up stitch, positioning yarn

pulling yarn through

pulling new stitch off

stitch completed

Salamander like an Egyptian

Willow Cottonpaws, at your service.

Special Linky : Mini Knits a flickr set by knit and purr.

Linky : Turkish Cast on for socks. Maybe someday I can!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Starlight Symphony

Apparently this was a bigger event than we thought it would be - drawing a HUGE crowd. It was their 27th year of holding the Starlight Symphony as a free public event in Jackson, TN. Article in the Jackson Sun.

We brought a blanket and a camera - but wished we had brought a picnic! I brought knitting too, but it was getting dark when we got there, so it stayed in the car.

Attempt to get a picture of the symphony
Most of this was cordoned off for musicians and their family only, while the crowd was sitting back behind the large LOUDspeakers.

Less than halfway down the crowd - this place is packed!
We sat in the back quarter, and the speakers still reached us.

Caught another pic on our way out.
There were live artillery for the 1812 overture - and each shot was enough to make your skin prickle!

The symphony played for about an hour and a half, including Wagner, Gershwin, some music from Star Wars, Sinatra, West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet. And the grand finale - the 1812 overture with cannonfire.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Squint is turbo charged, and might be flying!

Update (9:30 PM, our time): Hope for Squint! We were having a movie night here and someone stepped on him in the dark stairwell at the office - he is okay, except his scar opened up again. It isn't bleeding much, so it might just have been a top layer of scar tissue stretched too tight over new skin - but still, OUCH! poor guy! We took first aid to him, and might get a vet out of bed. So far, it doesn't look quite bad enough to get a vet. He is running around now, after about ten minutes of crouching on the couch, and seems relatively okay, but could use lots of well wishes!

Knitting a lot

Squint has lots of fur growing back on his ear.
He also has LOTS of energy!

Should Squint fly to California for a promise that someone will love him forever? It is a long way for someone to come - but they are willing, and several local offers, so far, have fallen through after they see Squint's pictures :o( Poor boy!

The other option is to take him to a flea market or fair here in our area. However, if someone takes him at one of these places, they may get tired of him and toss him aside, or not take care of him when he needs it. This lady in California promises to love and take care of him, and is willing to fly in to get him! *wow* What do you think?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

County Fair

Squint is back on the market
Another cat, Mouse (Willow's older sister) is claiming 'indoor cat' in that household :o( And, she deserves it, so Yay! for Mouse. But, Squint has proved himself around a pack of several dogs, and has a few more offers to run up, one in Nashville.

Hmm.. no, I didn't get talked into riding the 'Fun Slide' on an office dare.

Ok, yes I did! Half of our office did!
Here is Mr. J and I taking up the dare.

We rode this - Mr.J got dizzy.

Petting Zoo

Beautiful wool!


Pretty Carousel (enlarge)

Dragon train

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mixed Bag

This HUGE mantis was on the window of our local movie center!

Squint went for a 'sleepover' last night, to see how well he gets along in a new house. The momma dog who licked his ear lives there, along with a large pack of other indoor dogs. So far he has gotten along well with all of them - I'm more worried about his own 'defensive reactions' getting him into trouble.

Squint met Tessa Goat last night as well - and disapproved highly of her. Good for Tessa though, she got scratched on the nose by him and did nothing but draw back and look down at him like 'What's your problem?' Two minutes later she was investigating again, but from further away. Tessa likes kittens - and has helped watch over the last litter Newt had.

My girls are either chewing on each other because Squint isn't here to do it, or are fighting over 'who lost the kitten - he was here yesterday!'

Willow took time out to investigate the pocket of the suitcase.

Up until yesterday I had those nice jingley double pointed needles in that pocket. Now Willow keeps sticking her head and paws inside trying to figure out why the pocket doesn't jingle anymore!

Seen in the background is Obsidian Kitten's excellent jumping spider gift - which gets a lot of use around our house! Also, we have a filing box in front of the closet to keep Sallymander's paws from constantly opening it!

Linky: These Celtic Long Spiral Socks look great! Maybe my black and white Palette will come to good use this Winter ;o)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Dayglow Knitting Content

Well, no it isn't supposed to be 'dayglow', but our morning light makes it seem that way :o) This is my new stash from the 'better than sulking' trip we took to Jackson. After seeing Chris' Sugar n'Cream bibs a while back, I couldn't resist this yarn :o) I got two of each of the colours shown, and plan to busy myself with lots of colourful dishcloths.

The double poinnted needles are from a thrift shop I visited while on vacation. Seven mostly 4 needle sets for 50 cents each! Yay!

Also scored: The Harlequin Tea Set and other stories, Agatha Christie and Rainbow Mars, Larry Niven (because I loved my old copy of 'Flight of the Horse'!)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Vampire or Angel? It depends on the hour.

Well, half the time this cute little one-eared kitten is being a vampiric fighting machine (Sally loves that, btw) and the other half of the time he is a little angel, purring and saying 'who bit your foot, me?'.. *sigh* I'm not sure yet whether to advertise him as sweet or unbalanced ;o)

'Helping' with computer repairs.

Attacking some of my new yarn.
No Dishcloth if I have anything to say about it!

Hopefully this next week brings more people who might be able to take him in. Willow and Sally really want attention from me, and he keeps biting them when they get in 'his' lap! Now that's attitude! EEP!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Looks like we won't live in Mixie after all...

Our land deal fell through - on a remarkably ridiculous point. According to our lawyer, and his, the seller should have put a certain clause in the deed, but refused to do so, and would not explain himself. He put an ultimatum to us, we called it. We're looking for another piece of land.

We may be nice Minnesotans, but we're not being backed into anything that looks like a trap.

As a sulking/get our mind off it, our boss offered for us all to go to Jackson yesterday, and get some supplies for the office (as well as pulp sci-fi mags for Mr.J and yarn and books for me - almost like Christmas, actually) so, we feel a little better.

I'll leave you with a happy picture of Squint.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Opportunity Knocks when you Haven't Unpacked your Suitcase

I woke up this morning to a rousing game of Kitty Suitcase Antics. Squint is both ethused and scared that our girls now consider him healthy enough to fight back, instead of just ignoring him or running away.

Here he is cruising for a bruising...

Squint shows off his Kung Fu

looks familiar, huh?

Kitty Suitcase Antics includes: jumping in and out of suitcase, dragging items that were still folded out of suitcase (larger players only) and making a remarkably loud noise most of the time.

Sally and Willow used to play Suitcase Game all the time when they were little. I know if Sally had wanted to be mean she could have knocked Squint a lot further, and a lot more often than she did. She deliberately avoided smacking him on the hurt side (at least while I was watching). She was definitely playing and getting a kick out of the 'tiny fighter.'

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yarny stuff and Squintastic

Brace Yourself: Up until now, I've never actually shown the 'bad side' of Squint's face. He has no ear whatsoever, now, on the bad side. Just a long sealed up scar.

If you have a strong stomach, here is the latest picture of Squint. Know that although his looks are unsettling, he is completely oblivious of it, and a happy active kitten. *He will look better when all that 'fuzzy gray skin' is once again covered with gray kitty fur. That might take a little while though.* We know that he will live a long happy life, if someone gives him a chance. Mr.J has given him the hopeful nickname of 'Squintastic.'

Two 'nicer', non-close-up pictures of Squint in action :o)

We had a 'cone' on his head, but took it off tonight.

This masking tape 'boot' is to keep him
from scratching the wound open.
So far, it is working well.

Update: Little Red went to a good home with a grandfather and a little boy at the flea market. Smoke went with a lady who has many barn cats in her horse barn and said she could take good care of him.

If you don't have a strong stomach, here are some yarny stuff pictures :o)

I received my prize from Knittymama's contest!
Thank you Knittymama!

And, *gasp* I've began the second vacation sock... just barely.
Do you see the stealth pawprints on my computer bag?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vacated and Squint's late-night emergency

Remember Craftylilly's Knitflix sign-ups for Yarn and a Movie swapping! She needs a few more sign-ups, or at least an even number!

Some knitting did occur.

I taught my niece (Mr.J's niece) to bind off her knitting, and a few more stitches. I didn't even know she could knit :o) She said I knit 'upside-down'... hmm...anyway what works, works.. right? She was able to translate the idea to her kind of knitting :o)

Click here for
My Minnesota Wilderness pictures
I think the Prairie River Dam is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Willow is thoroughly 'vacated.' ;o)

Sally has to rest up after all the noisy meowing

For travel, Squint received an 'E' for effort, as he had to stay in a box most of the time we were moving. I couldn't really blame him for what whining and messmaking he did, because if I were trapped in an 8" by 14" cat carrier for most of 18 hours, well.. I'd be cranky too. He did impress everyone who met him in Minnesota though, with his sweet disposition and plucky attitude.


The worst part of it was that on Sunday night, after we arrived, Squint had an emergency. We had put him in the bathroom for only a few minutes, to unload our luggage, and then I heard a tiny kitten yowl from behind the door. *FREAK* He had ripped off his scab, and a bit more of his bad ear in the process. He was bleeding, and Mr.J luckily was able to attend to him while I froze up and hyperventilated. It looked worse than it was - but I was certain we were going to lose him right there. I'm not good with other people's/creature's blood.. I'd never have made a good nurse or vet!

By the next day he had clotted up and seemed livley and ferocious as usual. We put an oil funnel from a local gas station around his neck for a 'cone', to keep him from scratching his ear. I took him to the vet on Wednesday for a check-up and to clean out what was left of his poor ear as he had been crawling around under the beds in the house. He is almost completely recovered again and giving both of our girls good reasons to smack him once in a while (biting at back of legs etc).

The vet ladies at North Country vet clinic in Grand Rapids, MN did a wonderful job with him. He was sweet and sat still for them while they examined and treated his ear. They were amazed at his survival and said his ear was healing 'as best as could be expected' for all he had been through. They said he was remarkably active, well-fed and that the antibiotic and salve treatements we've been giving him were right on the money.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Tennessee State Line - Take me Home!

I am so glad to be home! I've missed EVERYONE! As soon as we hit Murray, KY, Willow and Sally were up and active, as if their internal compasses kicked back in and once again they could locate 'home.'

For half of the trip - they were curled up behind Mr. J's seat together.

Note plenty of cat hair on the seats.

Cats in Cars
The girls took the trip much better than last year, with no real problems. (last year, Sally ran away at a wayside rest and we barely caught her.. that was a problem!) Overalll, Willow gets a B, for being a generally good 'Car Cat.' I would have given her a higher grade, but she did get on the dash twice during the trip, and once tried to get under Mr.J's brake foot - a big no-no! Sally gets a D+ for being extremely Noisy halfway through Illinois, refusing water the entire 18 hours and general grumpiness.

Little Squint is back in TN with us too. He is doing well, after a slight emergency vet visit earlier in the week. The vet ladies in Grand Rapids, MN were so very kind and gentle with him, and he sat still and was a good kitten for them too! He is roaring with ferocious kitten energy, and beginning to get on the girls' nerves badly!

All this week, I will have pictures from what I consider to be some of the most beautiful places in my hometown's region. I'll try to space them out though :o)

Can you believe I did not TOUCH any computer at all this week? Anyone else fainting over that? ;o) I'll have to catch up with everyone after a good night's sleep!

Friday, August 04, 2006

I Wanna Be a Kitten Too!

My original kitten girl, Willow, hams it up.
The girls still have no clue we are leaving tomorrow.
When I start packing furiously, they'll be worried!

Willow was extra cute this morning, this is the crate I keep my computer up and away from kittens on. She wanted a lot of playing and scratching behind the ears, and she definitely got it!

But, lo and behold, not a finger's breadth away... sleeps Squint.
Willow: You're going to use this photo to blackmail me, right?

Willow has been nose-to-nose with all of the kittens more and more lately - I wish they all had another week to get to know each other and for the kittens to get more used to their dry food. Doria's owner(Doria was the kitten's mom) says he will take Red and Smoke out on Saturday and, if necessary, Tuesday morning to try to give them away. They'll be just fine, as they know him already. He has two other cats though, and also cannot keep them. His offer takes some of the urgency out of all of this 'leaving for Minnesota' bit, but I will miss them!

I have a TON of cleaning to do, laundry to wash, bags to pack - which is what put me in such a bad mood yesterday. This is usually all my part of the job, then Mr.J drives the whole way non-stop (except waystations). That's why I was grumpy.. and I still need to do most of it.. so why am I at the computer? ;o)