Thursday, July 01, 2021

bits of drawing practices


my own photograph, and attempting to set up a grid for practice

drawing on the grid didn't last long.. but still some progress


this was the other night, freehand.

Yesterday was one week since my eye surgery.

I was so pessimistic it wasn't going to help the problem, but so far, it has done better than I thought.  I am just hoping I can keep from a sinus infection with it - because I'm prone to those.  They will check the eye again next week, and then I can return to work.  I still have to have the other one done.  Making time for the first one was tough.  I know I can do it for the other one, but it is going to take that valuing of my future ahead of getting other things done now mentality.

a little sketch I would like to make bigger

an attempt to draw my niece, holding her niece, the other day

That weird decorated figure thing I do... started this the other day after we went to buy art supplies but have not yet finished it.  This type takes a lot of very close attention.  I had drawn the little fox earlier in the day.