Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Some more Crochet



Mark and I have been re-watching a tv series at night, and I've been using up some more stash yarn.  I made the green bag first, and have been using it as a purse.  The original reason to make it differently than my other net bag pattern was that it was more closed, and could keep rain off a library book.  I really like the way the stripes turned out on it, and the handles.

 I started making two other things out of the dark green yarn, but there wasn't enough to do much with - so I made a pair of slippers out of it instead.  I ran out of yarn just as I finished the second one -  and then ran an edge of gold yarn around it to make it a bit more even looking.


And the dogs had told me something about needing even more floor rugs - since we keep having to boot them off the one by the stove when we cook.  I'm not really sure where another rug could fit - but I used up a bit more stash yarn to make a really nice striped pattern.  I still have to tie up all the yarn bits on it.

North American Solar Eclipse 2024 April 7th



The shadows through the trees on my postal route (above)

The artwork I made the night before (below) in my sketchbook

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

poems for the first week of April




Someday we will walk together

along this path in wonder

at the same leaves on the ground

that small oak

which neither of us trod upon

instead allowing it to put down roots

for years, there in the soil

it has now grown tall

and we can sit in the shade of it

well before we thought was possible

rest our heads against the bark

and say how lovely is the day?


 my little cat, Minion


Little black cat

with the one orange paw

curled tightly in a ball

on top of a shirt in the laundry basket

that I wore yesterday

discarded there on my way in from outside

no longer with the warmth

but perhaps still the smell of me

this is one reason she has chosen it

She tries to ride the bow of my hip

at night, while I sleep

but my ship it rocks too much

while I am dreaming

turning over and over and over

she tries to cling with claws

then we disagree

and the tossing turns to Neptune

she has to admit -it makes her a bit seasick

so the laundry basket, it is




And the other day - when I was feeling a bit up and down over social anxiety.. It's a strange feature of that - that I will reach out to someone and it will be very good - or I will attempt a hard task or lesson on something and it will also be very good - but then the next moment I often feel even more anxiety that has to calm down, like a fire that has burned too hot and now everything is boiling to the top of the pan. So, I've learned that feature and now work to dig myself out of those feelings as soon as I recognize them. I congratulated myself, that night, which is a necessary part of reflecting on it all, for how many times I pick myself back up, ten times in an hour it feels like sometimes, no really, it was good, you are doing well, just get out of this feeling, it's an emotion, and one we have to keep working on...

and this flowed out:


When I fall down unseen,
within these hallways, inside my head
I get back up, ten times in an hour
over and over, or perhaps just one
handspring that was barely noticed
but each time I work my way up
and ask which way the wind blows
that makes me feel so light
such glass in my bones
but at least glass has weight to it
this is more like volcanic ash
reduced to ghosts and fragile shells
from fires too hot to handle
ready to blow away unless I capture it
in my palms and carry it to a safe place
so gently, where it may perhaps
against all reason - become rock again
I must take them, these fires, in small pinpoints
where they rush through the surface
needing to take a few moments to cool down
so that is what I am doing
when I am inspecting the ground like this
with my fingertips, furiously sketching, seeking
looking for a place cool enough to take grip again
and hoist myself up

Monday, April 01, 2024

Out into the Mathematical


Out into the Mathematical - the tesselations, the colors how they change, lines of geometry crisscrossing the scene, I cannot describe to you what I find so thrilling in the 'mathematical' ways of the plants and trees - it is something I have no actual equation for, only that I know it when I see it, and some little part of me that cannot do the calculations rejoices all the same in seeing it played out before me by Nature

  The Snowball bush, and the trees, this morning - although the color behind the trees was much more of a purplish-blue that the camera cannot capture.  We've had that with the morning glories before, too - it just doesn't capture the same color as I see with my eyes.


Our little tortoiseshell cat, Minion, drinking from the water trough

and some post-it note sketches of our goat sleeping by her hay bowl, using pens that were easily to hand


Languages : starting with Romanian (oh wow, there are words I had forgotten and it feels almost new to wrap my mouth around 'oraș' and 'ţânţar'...and yet, I'm better at it than I should be, so some part of my brain remembers I had studied it a few years ago.   Will head over and do the French and either Spanish or Catalan after a little bit.  Was proud that when I did the Romanian test on my phone profile on DuoLingo I was popped up to nearly the end of the first section to start in .. and I am at the middle of the second section in the main profile on the computer.  I made a mistake in order that probably set me back a little - but that was a good score!

At the Limit of Reflection - acrylic painting

Convolvulus : Morning Glories - sketch