Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday slowness

I hit the motherlode! of softie cuteness...

Nothing much interesting today, yet... We watched City of God last night, a film in Portuguese. It was remarkably interesting... although sad that (I think) most of it is true. J was reccommended it by someone .. we forget who, and wasn't sure exactly how it was going to be. I agree, it deserves a four star rating (although, R). We got it from Netflix.

We are painting baseboards at the office, and perhaps, hanging some more lights. The new building is coming a long way. We will probably be here at work until midnight tonight (since we got in at four (EEP!))

Things for the Weekend
1. thrift for some more fabric (and for something to make I's birthday present with).
2. finish the second chicken
2b. Maybe finish I's birthday present! (if I'm lucky)
3. make coldframes for our seed starting (Sunday)
4. think about how-in-the-world I am going to slipcover the HUGE couch at work.
5. Get J to agree/disagree on the seed catalog order.

Links :
A discussion about Japanese 'zakka' and 'kawaii'.
A cute sock monkey bright colours!
A stuffed elephant playing the piano
A cute bunny in somewhat Japanese style
red kitty and friends in crochet
A sweet herringbone kitty over at Hop Skip Jump blog.


Chris said...

Woah - you weren't kidding that sock monkey is bright!! *blink blink*

Love the kitty. Hmm. I might have to knit myself a kitty. Or should I do Shaun the Sheep first. Hmm.

RheLynn said...

chris : There is a cute Japanese pattern for a kitty out there (knit) - with long arms and legs. You can find it on crafting japanese site under amigurumi. I haven't seen Shaun the Sheep -- is that pattern(or picture) online?

RheLynn said...

Here is the link to the cute kitty -- you don't need to know Japanese to understand it. Scroll down to see the instruction photos.

Chris said...

Thanks for the link - that kitty is knit? Really? I thought the body was crochet - I'll have to look at it closer.

The Shaun the Sheep pattern is from Patons, a long time ago. Here's a picture of it knitted up - it's the larger Shaun, on the left in the picture.

There's also a really cute cat pattern in a book I have called World of Knitted Toys by Kth Dalmeny. You can take a peek at the page from the book on

RheLynn said...

hmm.. you might be right on the kitty -- since there is no English I was just converting the idea in my head to knitting-in-the-round.

Looking at the stitch pattern it definitely DOES look crochet.

The kitty link you posted is really cute! And they are striped! Willow would be jealous ;o)

Chris said...

They won't be striped if I knit 'em. :) They'll be little black green-eyed monsters.