Saturday, January 14, 2006

53° this morning in the house!

The kittens were curled up in a ball behind J's legs this morning. They needed heat!

Sun and Moon data

Garrison Keillor rocked today on PHC -- with a hyperbolic story of mushing pet dogs and a flexible-flyer sled rigged with clothesline downriver to the University of Minnesota to deliver a term paper in a blizzard.... I was ROFL. I was born and raised in Minnesota (and moved to TN last year). The mental image of mushing a cocker-spaniel is just too much ;o)

J and I played Scrabble. The kittens helped. Willow attempted to remove tasty tiles from the board as they were played, while Sally batted the (luckily closed) tile bag around the living room.

J is listening to podcasts from The message is interesting but the guy's voice (for some reason) is annoying me. I picked up 'Murder on the Orient Express' at the library and put 'The Beekeeper's Apprentice' on I.L.L (Thanks Chris, I hope they can get it!)


Chris said...

I hope they can, too! I think I listened to them first, before I read any, and they were fabulously well done. I was listening to episodes of Cast On while knitting the scarf - the gauge was loose enough that I couldn't read unless I didn't mind going astray in my knitting.

53F?! What the??? Don't you have heat?? Brrrr. You're lucky the cats weren't sleeping on your faces!

RheLynn said...

ROFL I'm sure they would try if we didn't move so much! We have heat, but the house isn't well-insulated. (I don't think they know what 'well-insulated' is here in Tennnessee.) We don't want $100+/mo electric bills, so, we turn off the heat at night.

So far only Willow has figured out that blankets collect heat *underneath*. She never stays though. They have wool blankets on the chairs in the kitchen. If it gets *really* cold, then we find them snuggled together near us in the morning.