Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's a cold :o(

I think I must have slept until noon today - lying there like I was dead. J was an angel though, and although he was up at 6:30, didn't wake me up. Wow, huh?

I finally got up to wander in to work with him, because I really didn't want to explain how to do some technical stuff that needed to be done today. Luckily, it is all typing. I am sitting here in the new building drinking licorice&ginger tea (just one cup!) and trying to get the work done.

Thanks for all the suggestions, Rhiannon and Chris! I'm trying a lot of things -- hopefully one or the other of them will work.

I brought the sock to work today but I'm not sure if I'll work on it, or take a nap.

On the good news front - Abby is doing much better. They think they found the nail she stepped on in the yard. I really hope none of the puppies finds anything else out there. The kittens stayed at home again today. They were really confused :o( They hardly ever stay home at all and it has been two days in a row, now.


Chris said...

Rest is very good! Have you tried Yogi Cold Season Tea? I drink it with a touch of honey when I have a cold - altho it sounds like the tea you're drinking right now has similar ingredients.

RheLynn said...

Thanks chris - I have some peppermint and basil at home too, and was thinking cardamom and clove would be good additions to this particular wtea!

We have a long-standing tradition in my family of having a stocked cabinet of tea and cooking herbs. Most of the time, I can make something pretty good from it ;o) but can ALWAYS use more ideas!

In fact *thinks* there is a packet of peppermint tea down on the office counter right now... ;o) I'll go add that in.

Liz M. said...

Rhelynn, thanks so much for the well wishes. I really appreciate seeing your comments on my blog! I'm lovin those purple socks! Now those should really cheer you up for the cold winter! I've just been spinning a bit and knitting hats. My knees have been achy and my elbows! But I know I have to keep them moving or they'll get stiff! Keep up the good work, and thanks again for such nice things that you say about my work :)