Monday, January 02, 2006

Progress reports

Non striped-leg chicken

Little doggie purse

I need to get some striped fabric for the next chicken! I really wanted striped legs :o( All of this fabric is from my stash. Putting the comb on the chicken from the inside was difficult, as it had to round over the head and be right-side out.

The little dog will have a zipper in its back between head and tail - and a blue pocket inside. After that is finished, I will carefully stuff him through his feet.

Links : Loobylu, a beautiful inspiring blog (with softies!)
Morphe - look at the little kitten/lion girl!
Tamer baby foxes bred <-- remember this news story?
King Kong's kernel of scientific truth, article. Take a look at the comments on this article.


Rhiannon said...

The chickens are GREAT!! How cute.

I liked King Kong pretty well. Lots of flashy stuff and a plot line too! I am not usually too picky about movies. I just try to relax and enjoy, otherwise I would always be disapointed.

Esp those based on books... I just saw Harry Potter and am now re-reading the book. They missed so many big and little things.

Chris said...

Thanks for the link to the story about the foxes. Cuteness linked to being tame?? It gave me a flashback to the fox in The Little Prince: "but if you tame me, we will need each other."

RheLynn said...

chris: That's a great line! I'll have to pick up a copy of that -- I think the last time I saw it was in high school. And of course, it was an 'assignment' then ;o) so I highly doubt I got the finer points of it.

My ideas on Macbeth changed the second time I read it as well.

rhiannon: J said the same thing about the HP movie (I am ashamed to admit I have only read the first book). I hid in my seat during one scene of King Kong -- like I was a little kid again.