Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fairy Tales

Knitting... hmm, knitting? I wonder, it sounds familiar but...I am spending way too much time doing other things lately. Bad Knitter! Today I'm sitting here listening to an old replay of PHC, and avoiding housework. But, it's fun ;o) I joined Month of Softies yesterday, and the theme is fairy tales.

I found this site with full-text versions of the Brothers Grimm. I had never seen these tales before.Two pretty Japanese tales :
  • The Tongue Cut Sparrow
  • The White Hare of Inaba and the Crocodiles
J suggested to do a softie for Puss-in-Boots.

Note to our Cats : The opening of the dishwasher (or dryer) is NOT an invitation to an amusement park ride. In fact, I am sure there are laws about this... Stop doing it.
Also, adding us as ramps during your 4 am racetrack is getting on our warned. Tuna privileges will be revoked!

I guess it is time to get up and fold laundry (:o( I hate folding laundry. In unrelated news, the second chicken is now a goose. No genetic-engineering was involved, just bad draftsmanship.

Willow keeps staring at the bathroom like there is a monster in there -- I can't figure it out. She wants me to protect her, but I dont know what from! Maybe the shower dropped water on her head or the wind rattled the window...


Chris said...

So, do the cats read your blog? ;)

Chris said...

Oh, re: comment on my blog about guys from books... How about the Sherlock Holmes from the novels by Laurie R. King, such as The Beekeeper's Apprentice? He'd be on my list, too. :)

RheLynn said...

Thank you for the reccommendation! I'll have to get my hands on that book. He does sound like the type yes ;o)

I wish the cats DID read the blog... it would make some things (like the dishwasher-hopping) a lot easier to explain. I could send them to wikipedia then too *evil laugh*.

RheLynn said...

I just finished reading 'A Cat Among the Pigeons', (Agatha Christie)... There is a typical 'hunky gardener', but he is really an undercover agent. *Sigh* If only he wasn't pretending to be what he isn't... ;o)

J's Mom traded me 'The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side' for it, but I haven't read past the first chapter.

Chris said...

Maybe there really is a monster in your bathroom.

RheLynn said...

8*} eep