Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Minecraft seed with Jungle Temple near spawn

Another interesting Minecraft seed to share.

We have mods 'Plenty o Biomes', ' Pam's HarvestCraft' on.  I also have Hunger Overhaul on, but that won't affect the seed the way the other two do.  The number is -2845701347600687085.  The negative sign is very important.

It spawns into a Eucalyptus Forest on the edge of a Rainforest. There is a Jungle Temple (shown in pic) not far to the North. There are several food trees nearby, sheep and pigs in case you're running the 'Hunger Overhaul' mod, which I am, which requires you to actually gather food like in a real survival situation as every bit of work you do (mining, digging, jumping) wears on your hunger bar and requires you to eat at least a meal a day or face consequences.

There is also a rare Sacred Springs biome just to the north of the temple - right behind it in the picture.  With monsters on it is dark dark and scary, but it does have regen pools.

I have not been in the temple or far into the Sacred springs yet, because I have monsters and survival mode and no cheats on.. and I'm scared!  A creeper already chased me under one of the trees and I am squishy with an iron sword and no armor.  I worked last night to make a big food garden and a safe house and a small mine down to bedrock... I'll be looking for more iron and redstone before I go wandering over there.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

End of vacation

Lots and lots of banana peppers.  And the pole garden has everything merrily climbing, the flowers should be beautiful when they come.  The elephant ears are really taking off.  I planted all of my birthday plants (save one) here as well.

I go back to work tomorrow.
I started doing both my Welsh and my French again last night... only forgot a little bit of the French and it has been many months.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


It's not about actually seeing the sunrise, although that can be part of it, and it is a thing of beauty.  It is about watching the shapes become distinct objects, seeing color return where there was darkness and gray, about listening to the world in its entirety as the light changes over - the rain in the leaves, the wind, the birds and bats and bugs and all other animals that signal to each other as the light returns and the darkness lifts.  It is about delving deep into thoughts, connections, communication with the world and with this moment over years continuing forward and back.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June Nineteenth

We finally set up the tent we bought on clearance long ago.  It didn't get the girls to sleepover in it last night like planned - but they did spend a lot of time outdoors chasing frogs and fireflies (and a praying mantis).

The tiger lilies are blooming.

I am on vacation this week and go back next Monday.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

park walk

Esme and I took a walk in the park today with Lucy.  They both enjoyed it.  Then we stopped at Sweet Jordan's and had some strawberry ice cream which we ate on the way home.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Painting Potential

These are all photographs.. but studies towards what I'm trying to capture in painting

I painted a little the other day but was using someone else's picture.. haven't finished it yet, probably can get into it soon I have a few days off.  I could have kept going that night until it was done but I had an early-early shift and didn't want to rob myself of the sleep... and for several reasons I haven't felt I could get back into it until I didn't feel rushed again.  Went out in the early morning light and took some of these pictures (thanks to dogs waking me up even though I'm on the late shift today)... tried to capture some of the sunlight coming down and making the greens light up brilliant...and the dappling, feathering etc..

I liked the greens here and then Daphne in the little pool of sunlight up at the top of the road pointing towards some big trucks she was hearing

I like how the light pools in the geranium 'cups' of the leaves... and the flourescent red of the flowers.

Commander Lilies have been teasing to bloom for a week and now they are beginning.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Shepard Lane Garden

We went out and did some weeding today, planted a few new things, took pictures of all the bounty that is getting ready to bloom soon!

The pole garden (new for this Mother's Day) is coming along well, weeded out the grass and put cedar mulch from our chicken pen around all of the new things.  Several lilies getting ready to bloom here, too.

 elephant ears, moon flower vines, cardinal climbers and morning glories


watermelon vines!
I saw a giant spider in here, carrying her egg case.. let her have that space for a bit and pulled grass elsewhere for a little while!

Friday, June 01, 2018

Door to Night Minecraft world (Drws i'r Nos) huge cave, mesa biome, mineshaft

'Door to Night' (Drws i'r Nos in Welsh) huge cave in Minecraft, savannah biome
mod : PlentyofBiomes and Harvestcraft
 World seed -3782039027719029110 at coordinates x,y,z  59,199, 68, 210.769

This 'door to night' cave is huge and actually is a network of caves.  This is not exactly at the spawn point but visible from a very cursory look-around.  I was ripping through a set of new worlds to hide a world I was actually playing in from a visitor (who loves to blow stuff up but doesn't look at the bottom of the list) who was playing on my computer... and then when I saw this world I knew I had to keep it.  

Although, I have to admit, I was scared to approach the cave with monsters on for fear of the sheer quantity of monsters that might be coming out of those depths of dark!  Hence, the name 'Door to Night'. 

And there was a lot more as I explored - notable of publishing the world seed and some coordinates for you, if you are finding this.
There are ebony trees and jungle trees with cocoa plants not far off, as well as nearby sheep, a village, and most uniquely, a mesa biome with an exposed mineshaft.  

The village coordinates are : 95.68, 67, 7.247 (it is pretty ordinary, didn't photo it)

But - the mineshaft in the mesa biome.. that is something I had not seen before!
The coordinates for the bottom pic are -142.97, 67, -496.333
It is quite a large mineshaft with chests and a spawner and more.


I hope you enjoy it!