Monday, June 11, 2018

Painting Potential

These are all photographs.. but studies towards what I'm trying to capture in painting

I painted a little the other day but was using someone else's picture.. haven't finished it yet, probably can get into it soon I have a few days off.  I could have kept going that night until it was done but I had an early-early shift and didn't want to rob myself of the sleep... and for several reasons I haven't felt I could get back into it until I didn't feel rushed again.  Went out in the early morning light and took some of these pictures (thanks to dogs waking me up even though I'm on the late shift today)... tried to capture some of the sunlight coming down and making the greens light up brilliant...and the dappling, feathering etc..

I liked the greens here and then Daphne in the little pool of sunlight up at the top of the road pointing towards some big trucks she was hearing

I like how the light pools in the geranium 'cups' of the leaves... and the flourescent red of the flowers.

Commander Lilies have been teasing to bloom for a week and now they are beginning.

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