Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lil Darling

Nearly eight months old

Fuzzy headed giggles for Mom

Standing, cruising and investigating everything within reach

We're going to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere tomorrow to meet my friend from high school. I can't wait to see Esme's reaction to both her and all the animals.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lots of Pictures

We put one of the new rugs down upstairs and let Esme play her heart out on it.

Esme looks so beautiful here,
and she is.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So much so quickly

I've been having so much trouble uploading to Blogger lately! It took forever just to get one picture yesterday.. and then it wasn't the one I wanted after all. *sigh* Anyway I gave up and went to bed. We've all had colds for the past few days. Now I have two days off and hope to get some things done around here.

Esme is doing so much so quickly -- sitting up unsupported, starting to really crawl and also pull up and 'cruise' all at around the same time. It seemed just two weeks ago she struggled to stay sitting up in her playpen and now she sits on my lap and plays with her feet. She's already pulled herself up and over the edge of the bassinet as well. That was scary but she was just stunned, not hurt at all. She is interested in everything, particularily at this moment my keyboard clicky noises and is trying desperately to contribute. Changing a diaper has become a battle against the wiggle-worm and reading books is a cross between excited rapturous babbling and wild page attacks.

To all those who asked: yes Esme is that happy most of the time. She gives us huge 'muppet-grins' where it looks like her head will tilt backwards at the jaw. She blows raspberries and babbles furiously, 'noms' everything within reach and is almost always in motion. After all, she's a baby and there is so much to do! However, she also sometimes gets very very upset and screams loudly -- usually when she is in her playpen and we have both went out of sight momentarily, or I've come home from work and passed her by to put her breastmilk in the fridge first before picking her up. At the moment she is throwing a small fit because I'm saying 'No' about banging on the keyboard and trying to pull things from the desk onto the floor... but in a minute we'll go make coffee and she loves to watch the water pour so she'll be smiley and chattery again by then I'm sure.

Around the house: I got some large rugs on sale at my work - snapped them up as they came in the door ;) I plan to put a few of them down in our spare room so Esme can practice her crawling and falling there. Add a chair and a bin for toys and it will become a nice playroom for her as she continues to become more and more mobile.

In other news: We finally have a deed and a mortgage! Mark is very happy and relieved about this. Sadly though, Mark's oldest dog passed away yesterday from her cancer. She had been sick even before Esme was born and we've been surprised she was still hanging on. My Mom in Minnesota has been struggling with Bell's Palsy, on top of her other health problems. It had paralyzed half of her face but it sounds like they are making some strides back to normal for her. I need to take even more pictures of Esme to print out and send to her. On the 27th of June my best friend fro high school is meeting us at the Nashville Zoo for a visit.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday, June 06, 2008

Esme at seven months

Mark caught this picture of Esme peeking out from her bassinet today while I was at work. Nearly every morning now she wakes up and sits up on her knees like this while reaching out to tug my blanket. Such a cute little grin to wake up to.

Drawings: Knighty Night

--more here--

Monday, June 02, 2008


Esme is almost seven months old. She is trying to sit up by herself, but still falls over a lot. She is grabbing things and reaching for things she can see that are too far away - like her sippy cup, bottle or crinkly book. She is pulling herself up to her knees and onto her feet while half-bent but hasn't managed to pull into standing position on anything yet. No real crawling yet, more like directed rolling and flopping. The other day she pointed at Misha and said 'oggie' which I'm pretty sure meant 'doggie' as I keep telling her when she reaches for the dogs that 'that's a doggie.'

I'm working five days a week or so, mostly closing shifts which doesn't leave much time for anything else. Our garden is coming along nicely, Mark and I have both been out there working on it, him much more than I. On my last day off I went to town and bought some geraniums to plant alongside the garden in some planters that were bare. Also our water heater gave way and Mark spent a whole day and a lot of effort replacing it while I was at work. He did a really great job getting that done!

Winner for 'The Night Was'

The winner is Trek for her entry:
The night was dark but full of light at the same time, you know, because of all of the stars shining and don't forget the moon because the moon is brighter than all of the stars put together, that is, if you could put all of the stars together.

Mark thought that was the best entry :)
Trek, send me your snail mail address and choice of toy please!

Thanks to everyone who played!