Friday, October 29, 2021


The green shawl I made this summer while I was waiting for them to do my eye surgeries. It was something I could do (all one stitch straight across) and keep my mind off things. 
I finally sewed up all the ends yesterday and patched the one spot where the dark green yarn had frayed to a single strand and I hadn't noticed until after they fixed my eyes -- when I was at the end of it. It looks like it will hold with the repair and I am still quite happy with it. It fits around my shoulders and neck and is very warm, just like the one I had made with this yarn before. 
More than that - it's a sort of 'container' for that time and all the thoughts and uncertainty that was in those hours, but I was still pressing on with doing things rather than sit there and stare at the wall thinking about things I couldn't make happen faster or fix by myself.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

drawing and painting practices

I've been busy today just practicing and trying to match colors - my perspective / depth perception is still going to take a lot more practice to get past my eyesight - which was a bit off before the cataract surgery but is even now more 'different' than it was before

tried to draw my daughter here with the blue jacket she likes to wear

painting on the left, drawing on the right

This multimedia paper has a brighter white than the other brand, I am enjoying that

first attempt at painting a forest image a friend posted for me 
I've saved them to the network so I can try again

Monday, October 18, 2021

I drew and painted it from life.. took the photo later at about as close as I could get to what angle I must have been looking at.

The orange was actually still in a bag from the show on Sep 25 - it had been included as a 'treat' for the day but I was so busy I never looked any deeper into it.  I'm glad it hadn't went bad in there - and thought it was a good item to add to my thrift store finds of blue and white china I wanted specifically for adding to a still life with pears

Moving some things around in the studio, setting up different work stations

The drawing station is working really well - but I had to take one drawer out of the station because it kept sticking.  I've been working on more drawings for the House of Sunlight book, which has jumped from 14 stories to 19

Saturday, October 09, 2021

When it Rains Tonight, I'll Still Sing - acrylic painting by Marie Lamb

 'When it Rains Tonight, I'll Still Sing'

acrylic painting

Marie Lamb


Two years ago tomorrow, my father passed away, not long after Esme and I arrived from driving all night through Tennessee to South Carolina.   I really just meant to try the three different colors of copper paint together... but as always, feelings and imagery start to come up the further I paint - until the scene becomes something... and then often, becomes something more.


Thursday, October 07, 2021

Time and Space by Marie Lamb, painting series

The artist at work on painting #2 : Time and Space : 'The Machine'

Time and Space #1 : 'Escape Velocity'
completion date: August 5, 2021

This painting was sold at the Arts Round the Square event in September.
I didn't have time to really talk about it with the buyer - and I was nervous!  I told him that I took a compass and ruler to the canvas and worked from one side to the other until it was finished.  That is technically true.  But yes, there is always 'more' behind my work.  This image actually shows concepts for space ships / light speed travel, an observatory and the idea that we will build a pathway to Space.  Below, a countryside scene with houses, bridges and streetlights shows Earth.

Our stall at the Arts Round the Square event in Paris, TN on Sep 25, 2021

 'The Machine' : Imagine a huge turn-crank machine you put a quarter into at the top, and turn the crank and it goes through all the motions, passing the quarter through the gears and shafts until it comes out, like pachinko, at the bottom, altered and reduced to a tiny pearl - that is then plucked up by Charon in his boat and taken away down the River Styx.  Yes, that quarter is your life.  Over Time and Space, being worn down through the Machine.

Monday, October 04, 2021

Pegasus - ready for battle


continuing with the same palette - red, black, white and copper metallic and all mixes from the four - Pegasus Ready for Battle and Pegasus Sleeps, 8 by 8 inch limited on multimedia (like very heavy weight coldpress watercolor grade) paper

painted entirely with one brush

"Pegasus Sleeping" 

work by Marie Lamb

8 by 8 inches, acrylic on multimedia paper  

texture shown in side view below

Available:  inquire for purchase through