Wednesday, July 06, 2022

mroe bits

 The garden is starting to produce a bit here and there...

progress in 11 languages

Welsh, French, Spanish, Romanian, Czech, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Italian and Turkish - all on Duolingo.  I am trying a few others elsewhere - Bulgarian, Albanian and Croatian.

I'm doing a lot of Czech lately, it is very much like the letters I tried to help a friend translate back in 1998 that were in Serbo-Croatian.  I think that is the reason I am getting lots of 'deja vu' and able to spell it easier than I should from what I'm hearing.


random sketchbook stuff in the new little book that I bought

I deliver the mail on rural routes still, and did the above image about how packages from the six different sections of every route can be organized to make it easy to keep track of without needing all the flags and lists others seem to use.  I just have it 'all in my head' and organized by section, and dump the 'section' into my working memory as needed - no need to keep it ALL there every minute of the route etc.

casting nets for fish from a ship - From Shore to Shore

this red house drawing was left handed - I don't give it enough practice

This was drawn after listening to a Spanish podcast about bicyclists