Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Socks and kittens

We moved! We are now in Tennessee. Not that much need for warm socks and scarves and shawls down here. I'm learning to sew regular clothing now.

I am working though on a pair of white socks that I had started soon after we came down here. Picked them back up this morning for a couple of rows. I had finished that pair of brown house socks my last post mentioned, and by some coincidence am wearing them right now. The aftereffects of Hurricane Dennis is coming through here and we are experiencing a lot of rain, wind and general inclement weather compared to the last few weeks.

We have two kittens down here at our house, and they have taken GREAT interest in my yarn collection. They also 'assist' in the sewing room by taking my measuring tapes, pens and making me scared to leave my pincushion anywhere in reach ;o)

I'm waiting/fearing the day they scale the ironing board.