Monday, February 20, 2023


Loki and Minion checking out the spiderwebs by the sewing machine
and enjoying the sunbeams.  On the wall is the acrylic painting 'The Yellow Light' from 2022

 I've been cleaning up the studio a little, it's been years since I did much more than a drawing or painting here or there.  contemplating checking out if the sewing machine can work again, or if it needs to be replaced entirely. 


a little shawl project to use up time in between things, one row here and there at a time


found some old supplies that worked fairly well for drawing still - I was impressed the pen refills still worked well - the paints did not fare as well but were still usable with some persuasion

went through lots of sewing materials and patterns and threw some things out, and planned what I need to start working on my large marshland painting setup that I dreamed up last fall

 Year of the water Rabbit, a year for growth, mixed media sketch

playing with the Niji watercolors, some acrylic gold paint and ink


 Moon Dreamer

gel pens and colored pencils, sketchbook

Languages : French and Portuguese

some : Japanese and Ukrainian