Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lima beans

Mark yesterday: "I offer you ice cream, and you choose lima beans.  *throws up hands*"
Me: "You already know I'm a very different creature."
Mark : "In some things it is more apparent than others."....

I needed some lima beans for dinner ;) and I'm the only one who eats them.  Apparently there is a vitamin there.. as I always keep a can around for that time I need some.

I'm progressing some more in the French lessons - dug out all my French-language books and put them in one place.  I don't think I've ever gotten as far as to understand what 'leur' and 'eux' really means, or the difference between ce and cet enough to remember them in grammar terms and not just translate as I went along.  So, I'm getting somewhere new.  Some of my 'automatic verbage' that comes out when I'm upset at work has more conscious grammar to it than it used to.. a lot of those words were French and/or Latin with really bad grammar.  I'm pretty sure I muttered something like 'You go way too far, you're not even clear to me anymore...' the other day to a crazy customer who was ranting and raving about a faucet repair.. on my way to the printer of course, where she couldn't hear me even if she understood.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Apple crisps for Memorial Day at work

We made a cherry pineapple one for home, too... experimental and turned out good.
Esme is off for a sleepover.

Friday, May 26, 2017

bits and a half-done painting

I worked on this a few nights ago but haven't gotten around to finishing it up.  I saw a painting in a store with a bright green tree in a city and this was my 'take' on the idea.  The dog looks like our Lucy.

My niece's baby is still in the NICU... hoping she will get strong enough not to need the ventilator.

Esme has promised to help on Sunday with a dessert for the store dessert competition.. I need to buy some disposable pans for it tonight.  I'm still working on my French language learning... getting a little better than last time.

Planted the ivy and the hosta leaf today.. will see how they take the soil.  Repotted the apple tree into a deeper wider pot.  Have to work tonight and also close tomorrow night... then Sunday off.  Want to get the dahlia bulbs planted in the pots outside but it was so cold this morning I didn't want to go outside until I have to.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Went up to see Grandma's cat Sara's kittens today, they are quite cute.  Checked in on the garden, planted a few of the moonflower seeds and got one of the stacky pots filled with growing medium.. four more to go.  I did sewing yesterday - three pairs of shorts, one for Mark and two for me, and fixed a favorite skirt and Esme's fancy dress she tore at the graduation party.  I have another pair of Mark's shorts to make after I change his pattern shape a little.

I could have done a lot more, but we had a good day.  Mark made an awesome dinner of pork chops and rolls.  I am sitting reading another of the free ebooks, and have been playing my farm game en Fran├žaise most of the day, learning new words as I go.

I am up before dawn tomorrow for another day of work, and six days on.
My cough from the sinus infection is nearly gone.. that's a good thing.

We have summer vacation for Esme, now - what in the world will she do with her time besides Minecraft and Toca games on her tablet?  We'll see.  I suggested maybe fishing...

This was the picture of the last day of third grade with her best friend.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Last day of third grade

It's the last day of school.  This year has been so much better than the last public school year (first grade)... Esme's teacher took the time to understand her and talk through things with her.  I wish I hadn't been so sick this week I would have thought to send a card to thank her.  I can probably send it in the mail.

I am still lingering with the sinus infection from more than a week ago.
Esme is in good spirits, though.
It suddenly began to rain on us at the bus stop this morning and Mark was sweet and came to rescue me with the truck after he realized it was going to keep raining.

I have this weekend off.  Esme would like to go do something.. we'll have to see.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


We've given away all of our kittens, and plan on getting the mother spayed next week - and then we'll be done.  I've transplanted some things out to the garden, but they've not really made it well.  So, I might have to buy a few plants.  I should have hardened them off to the sunlight before hand.  My next projects in the greenhouse will be the hosta and grapefruit seeds... we'll see.

I've caught a cold being out in public at the market yesterday.. or maybe it was sneaking up on me before then.  Two days off now to try to recuperate and get all of our other things done.

Esme won the three legged race with her friend at the school field day.  She said they were continuing activities today.  She was so excited to get a gold medal Mark took her out for a celebratory slushie when he came to pick me up from work.

I finished reading 'Serafina and the Black Cloak', I might have to buy a paper copy for Esme on that one.  I'm listening to the Serafina and the Twisted Staff on audiobook, as it was all that was available at the library.  It was nice to see my tablet can do audiobooks from the library, but I miss the actual 'book' in my hand and turning pages and memorizing where I am in the story by how far I can page forward and back (something the Kindle does, even though it is an ebook.. and satisfies that 'real' bit more than an audiobook can)...  I'm also reading a 99 cent book called 'Designing a Duke' that is kind of sweet, it's on the Kindle.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

tiny bits

We tilled in the garden again and put clover seed out.  We also planted the school cabbage, an overgrown garlic bulb and the hyacinth bean plants out in the garden.  I made some peanut butter coconut flake graham cracker granola ball things.

Crunchy peanut butter
1 tbsp honey
coconut flake (we had in the freezer from the coconut experiment)
crushed graham cracker
quick oats
non fat dry milk powder

All ingredients rolled around together until it is stiff  enough to stick together.
I rolled the balls and put them in the fridge.  Esme ate the small sample size one and said she liked it.