Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sunday, not my fun day

Because the landlord is coming on Monday... almost fits the words to that song doesn't it?

I cut out some pieces for one of those chickens (book in French), but Willow won't let me sew it together. She says the lap is hers today, no chickens allowed. She will have to be disappointed though :o( All of this stalling, partially self-induced, helped along by kittens... isn't cleaning my house.

Daily Observance : Willow likes bananas.
2nd Observance : Banana peels make great cat toys, for a few minutes at least.

We finished Lone Gunmen about one in the morning -- too bad that series was cancelled. I think it had merit. Anyway there are a lot of worse shows that ran for more than one season.

Okay I guess I'll get cleaning. At least the laundry is already folded and put away.

these fish look cute too... and an owl! And a kitty doll! :o( I need willpower!

I REALLY need willpower --> flash puzzles! There is a cute one of a panda in the back-issues. I warn you, it's tough! ;o)


Unknown said...

I like your blog! I took up crocheting last year, and am now trying to learn how to knit.

BTW, my cat was originally named Willow (I adopted her). I changed her name to Charlie because my family calls all our cats Charlie. But I almost wanted to keep Willow, as that's a nice name.

Also, thank you for your comment about my mom's art.

Racaire said...

Willow likes bananas? *lol* My Cleo don't likes bananas but she eats sugar melon :D

Beautiful cats!!!