Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Purple sock progress

Here is Sally admiring the purple sock.

I spent twenty minutes calling for the girls at the office today. I even looked up in the ceiling with the ladder. While I was standing up there, I said to myself:
'I'm calling but you're just not here.... err... You're not here... Ah! They're at home today! **silly me**
We left them home today and I spent all that time worried looking for them ;o)

One of our boss' dogs cut her foot on something in the yard today. She bled alot :o( :o( J and our boss took her to the vet. It took both of them to carry her back into the house afterwards. She is a big (heavy) Great Dane! Poor Abby :o( She got three stitches between her toes.

And to boot, I think I'm getting a cold :o( Chicken noodle soup time!


Chris said...

The sock is looking good!!!

Oh, I hope that chicken soup staves off the possible cold. Better have some more.

Rhiannon said...

Have you tried Airborne?? Or Emergen-C? I use both of these and feel like they really help.

I LOVE the colors of you sock!!! What yarn are you using?

Chris said...

Vitamin C loading time!

RheLynn said...

Rhiannon : I'm using two of the colours of Palette, from Knitpicks. One is Hyacinth and the other is Lilac.

I hope I'll have enough to make a full pair of socks!

Rhiannon said...

what size needles??

I think you already said, sorry for not checking!

RheLynn said...

size 2 needles(bamboo), with 64 stitches in a 2x2 rib pattern. I'm hoping that sock calculator was right!