Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cute chick(en)s ;o)

Chicken by Marie Winger-Meyer
I'm hearing a LOT of chicken jokes working on this at the office. I'm not sure if I can stand it long enough to make two more ;o)

The first one is going well -- need to thrift for some red and white striped fabric. The landlord didn't come yesterday or today -- now he says Wednesday morning. Hmm.... we'll see. J has already added onto the list of stuff-to-be-done(that'll teach him to procrastinate!).

Sally is meowing at our vents and doors -- I think she misses J's mom's big fluffy cat. I caught them 'talking' sometimes when we were staying there. She doesn't understand that the car ride took us far away from the 'new cat downstairs'. There is also a new black and white cat in the house across our parking space. The girls can see it while sitting in our kitchen window... and are VERY interested.


Chris said...

Too funny about the chicken fallout! :)

During the summer, the people who live across a driveway from me (they live in an apartment, I live in a condo - it's all about the same, but only 18 feet away) had their blinds open now and again. They have an orange tabby, and he and Chaos would stare at each other occasionally. He would stare more than Chaos... I'm pretty sure Chaos doesn't know that he's a cat, so he was more interested in a change in the environment than anything else.

RheLynn said...

;o) I'm not sure, but I think Willow at least thinks the other cat is a 'birdie'... she makes the same little I-want-it but can't-get-to-it chirping noise when she sees him(her?) now.

But they do see other cats at the office. When their Mom comes to the door of the office, I let her in for a nose-greet session. ;o)