Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Crashed Cats

We were watching Count Duckula when Willow crashed in my arms on the futon. Salamander was crashed on J's coat in the chair. We've borrowed a different camera than usual, and were trying it out. I also grabbed a great picture of Willow confused by J's new DVD-computer drive.

Technically, the camera isn't as nice as the other one. But - it may be available for us to take home more often - to get shots we otherwise would miss! Sometime this year, we will buy our own digital camera. J is still exploring options there.


Chris said...

That first Willow shot is particularly fabulous!

RheLynn said...

She was showing off her striped and spotted belly. J snuck up on her at my request ;o)

Chris said...

:) I didn't realize until I saw that picture that she's a dilute calico!

Heh - I got Chaos in kittenwar this morning. Diablo's doing pretty well.

RheLynn said...

I got Chaos last night too! But I haven't seen 'anyone else I know' ;o)

'dilute calico', I like it!

Chris said...

So now you, Peeve, and I have all gotten Chaos. Too funny! Well, Diablo's fighting someone - he's kicking some serious kitten butt, at 65% of 48 battles. Poor Chaos is only 43% in 58 battles. Dang, Willow's at 57% and Sally's at 50%.