Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Small Piece, of a larger picture

I found a fossil today of microshells, out in the granite in the office drive. But I can't scan it in, and it is too small to photograph! :o( So, I'll settle with a small piece of a larger drawing... fossils are kind of like that, too.

From 01-21-2006, 'Listening'
Which is a large, ranty piece that goes everywhere and nowhere at once.

My philosophy for art is:

It doesn't really have to go anywhere - but if it does come together in the end - I'll sit back and declare a miracle. Then I'll grab another piece of paper and start another one.

Willow jumped out of the car today, as J was getting in, and ran into a neighbor's yard. She went through a hole in their fence, so I had to run around to the other side. I thought I was going to lose an ear, or a piece of neck, walking her back around the fence and into the car, because someone was running a circular saw down the street.

I'm making fried rice and veggies for lunch. We are going to try to make homemade hummus (with garlic, lemon juice, chickpeas and tahini) later on, if I can get the blender clean.

OK - back to work! BTW, check out Alina's Blog, she has great drawings!

I went to college in Fargo, ND.

There was a print by Oscar Jay Gillespie, at the Plains-Art Museum, is one my instructor suggested I examine when it appeared in the gallery. He thought it looked like what my art does.. the decoration and swirlies, and the animals. Reading the artist's comment on that page, maybe it is coming from the same place that my art does. I understood, even then, what he meant- but it didn't inspire me to go that direction.

I found it again today while looking at their printmaking residencies (to see if I recognized anybody!) Check out more of the artist's work, at the link on his name above. He really does have an amazing style. Realistic anatomy and technique, mixed with fantastic(fantasy) imagery.


Rhiannon said...

What an amazing drawing. I really enjoy seeing all your art work!

Sorry to hear about Willow. Do you take your cats with you to work every day?

Chris said...

Thanks for the links! Alina's got some very cool stuff. When I looked at the print by Gillespie and read what your instructor sound about the similarities between your work and his - I have to ask (and forgive me if I've asked this already), but have you read any Charles de Lint? I think you'd really like his Newford books. Let me step to the shelf and see which would be good to start with... Dreams Underfoot is quite nice - it's a book of short stories. Memory & Dream is about an artist... And I always recommend Someplace To Be Flying.

I'm glad you caught Willow so quickly! I see that she and Sally have been approved on Kitten War and have been fighting up a storm! Chaos isn't doing so well (I've noticed that black cats overall don't do well there), but Diablo is making a respectable showing.

RheLynn said...

Rhiannon: Thanks! Yes, they come to work almost every day. Usually though, they are very good (unlike today).

Chris - No, I haven't read that author - thanks for the suggestion! Memory and Dream sounds familiar but if it is fiction it isn't the one I'm thinking of.

I'll have to go see them on kittenwar!