Saturday, January 21, 2006

And dreams of puzzle pieces danced through their heads...

The girls are on Kittenwar ;o) With all their brothers and sisters.

What do you call a cat-owner's puzzle
with ten pieces missing?


This hasn't happened quite yet, but it's my prediction atm.

The apple-crisp was okay, but it could be better. I used very small Washington apples and a 7x7 pan. With larger apples, and the full-size pan I'm sure the recipe would work better. There would be more apple left after peeling, that is for sure.

Sally 'helped me cook.' She is a constant kitchen-cat. I can't run a broom, faucet or wipe down a counter without her investigating. The only cupboard in the kitchen she can't get open, so far, is the pantry. Which is lucky!

As I mentioned in a comment reply, I slept in till 9 am today. I'm not sure if it is a triumph or a defeat. Willow was repeatedly trying to wake me up, from 3:30 am on, to tell me the food dish was empty. I ignored her, which is atypical. Salamander decided I needed her mousie laid beside my pillow as encouragement to wake up.

We got a DVD of CSI from Netflix today! Yay!
I hope have the willpower to clean the house and get some other things done. Miss I's birthday present (a week late now) is still waiting for a backing. I just haven't found a good fabric for it!

Willow is in full play-mode... chasing a receipt around the floor and bunny-kicking her red tennis ball (which is usually for chasing, then ignoring.)

Weekend Goals :
  • Miss I's birthday present.. again
  • Finish our puzzle!
  • One book read.
  • Part of a sock made.
  • Clean house, fold laundry *ick*
notice how I put that one last...


Chris said...

Great joke! Glad to hear you got some sleep. I'm in cranky/crampy/headachey/PMSy mode right now. Not pretty around here today.

Why did the PMSing woman cross the road? kill the damn chicken.

RheLynn said...

eek! Sorry to hear that :o( I'll have to post some cute kitten pictures for you ;o)

Chris said...

Thanks for the cute kitten pictures! Hee hee that they're on kittenwar. I think I'll upload that picture of Diablo trying to like his paw and see how that does. :)

I can just see trying to explain to Matt & Jess why their cat has a fan club...

RheLynn said...

heh! I hope he wins more wars than the girls have so far. I'm sure he'll have a lot of fans!

I have a beautiful, absolutely beautiful, picture of Willowpede our boss took--but I consider it his property, and won't put it up.

I hope your day goes better!
**poor chicken**