Thursday, January 05, 2006

Knitting dry spell

Not knitting much lately... Instead, the second chicken is in the stitching mode and I am producing more art. Landlord came today and started on a list of projects -- Sally stayed behind the washer and dryer for most of the time he was there. When we couldn't find Willow, I called her, and eventually found her in the cupboard with the dishes!

After we removed her from there, Willow approached our landlord twice, but then meowed at me question/worry-like and hid behind my legs. Poor little girls -- they thought the house was theirs and theirs only! ;o)

upside :
All of the windows in the 'cold front room' may be fixed soon... allowing more craft activity there.

downside :
I have to keep the house 'presentable' for about a week :o( It was a long list of projects.


Chris said...

How did she get in the cupboard?? Wow. Did you make that cute cat graphic?

RheLynn said...

Both of the kittens can get our cupboards open -- but they usually don't shut themselves in! Sally can get our closet open too -- and then hides on me. What can Chaos open up that he "shouldn't"?

Thanks chris, it is my graphic.. a little rough though - I use the GIMP to make little pictures when I don't want to ask to borrow a digital camera ;o)