Friday, January 13, 2006

Softies and kitty bow-tie

Daily Observance : When I'm peeling carrots, Willow will dive into the garbage can after the strips.

I made another little softie the past few days... and it wasn't the Puss'n'Boots. I am hopeless ;o) :o( I'm not sure how to finish it though... or even if it should be a 'he' or a 'she.' Is it a mouse, a cat, a weird-eared rabbit or a dog or lamb(without the whiskers)? Here is a quick GIMP sketch, lacking a scanner here at home. Any ideas what I can do with her/him?

Kitty Bow-tie Toy

With a fuzzy yarn, cast 12(16) stitches onto a size 3 dpn. Knit two rows. Start seed-stitch pattern with garter-stitch edging of 2 on each side. Gradually decrease until there are 6 stitches on the needle. Work one row of 6 stitches. Gradually increase back to 12(16) stitches. Knit two rows and bind-off. Leave a long tail at the beginning and the end of the work.

My kittens jump and toss these for hours at a time. They carry them around like 'dead mice' and pick them up out of their own ambition to play (when sister is asleep, etc.) I use some old 'Dazzleaire' yarn.

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Chris said...

Hmm. It's looking the most like a mouse to me. Does it have a tail? The type of tail could really give it some zing.

Thanks for the bow-tie toy pattern!

RheLynn said...

Chris -- Thanks for the input! J thought mouse too, or 'short-eared rabbit-thing' *heh* At present, it doesn't have a tail. I was thinking maybe some i-cord carefully sewed on would work...

You're welcome. Tell me if you make one for Chaos!