Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kitten Cuteness

I thought Chris needed some of this ;o)

Some other 'baby pictures' I found on our server. The one of Salamander in the leaves is the day she got her name, for sticking like glue (and hanging by one paw) to the satellite dish outside our boss' house. The dark-grey kitten is Happy Cat, Miss I.'s cat, and our girls' sister.


Chris said...


Paul said...

Cute kittens! I have cats on my blogs, too.

RheLynn said...

Thanks, those are some pretty big cats!

Liz said...

Thanks for the tip about InterLibrary Loan. I actually work at the library at my college and I didn't even think about trying that, haha.

Paul said...

Thanks for visiting my animals blogs! Some of my photos were taken with a digital SLR and others are stills that I pulled from my African Safari video, which was filmed with a digital video camera.


RheLynn said...

Here is another kitten picture via Photobucket. It is Doria, who could be Happy-Cat's twin!

If you saw Mouse before, the yellow kitten in the background (Yeller), Mouse and Doria were Newt's first litter. Our girls came from the second litter.

Paul - I'm not sure what the camera is I am using, since it belongs to work. I'll try to find out. I don't think it is SLR, though.