Wednesday, January 18, 2006

6:30am and 53° is just not my thing lately...

J has this new thing he is trying... getting up every morning at 6:30 am. He was inspired by I am glad he is trying to get up early. Getting him up, even by 11, used to be like peeling that sticky-rubber stuff off of credit-card offers.

He has been getting up, like 'clockwork', every morning since Sunday. But, I'm not responding well to this experiment. In fact, he describes it as a 'hostile reaction.'

We have been getting to work every morning around 9 am. I keep forgetting things and not getting tasks done before we leave the house. This makes me upset, mostly at myself. I used to get up three hours before he did, around 8 am, and get all my work done. Now, I don't have that time. I'm trying my best; maybe things will get better?

It is also between 51° and 55° in the house every morning. (heating bills$$$) I just want to hide under the blankets until it is at least 60°. *Sigh*

Anyway... Right now, this is what I want to be doing, as illustrated by Sally.

We have to make a light-box for taking product photographs today. I hope I'll make it! Hope you have a great, and alert, day!

Oh! And it snowed yesterday! Not real Minnesota snow, but the closest thing Tennessee has to it. Big flakes that stayed on the ground all the way till today!


Chris said...

Hmm, hang in there and see how long his resolve lasts. Maybe things will be back to normal in a week or so! :) I get really cranky when I'm rushed, so I can sympathize!

Hmm, my eyelids are growing heavy. Perhaps a catnap... (sorry, couldn't resist!)

RheLynn said...

I tried to 'catnap' ;o) upstairs at work, but Salamander had to come and see if I was alive not once, but three times!

When we got home around 6 pm, I went to sleep.. and didn't get up until 7 this morning. I didn't just nap... I zonked :o(

This morning, I'm still tired! **tries to slap self awake with a cup of coffee**

Chris said...

Poor you!! I hate that feeling... Bless the bean.