Tuesday, August 01, 2006

10 days in Minnesota

Yesterday was so hectic! Our banker was sick, and we have to reschedule. So, I'll tell you about our upcoming 'vacation.'

By Saturday morning we will be on the road to Minnesota, with three cats.
Some of you might remember the last time we long-distance travelled with cats, and I'm sure Sally and Willow would have more than a few unhappy words to meow about it -- if you asked them.

Willow is already tired, just from all the kittenwatching.
Last week the Cincinnati trip, this week kittens -- now another 18 hour car trip?
Cats must be thinking: What in the world did we do wrong?

I feel so bad for the girls, they have gotten minimal attention and playtime this week -- and now the trip :o( I hope it won't traumatize them too much. Last time, it took weeks for Sally to stop freaking out when she got back into the car.

VACATION: August 5 - 15th
We are headed for Grand Rapids, MN, and probably also a day or two spent at Duluth, MN with Mr.J's sister. It is supposed to be our vacation, but for me, going home never is. I'll be happy to visit and drink coffee on quiet mornings with my mom, and maybe get a spinning class at the yarn store that opened up there (they have a website) - and if she is free, see my best friend who is getting married next year.

Mr.J and I were both raised in Grand Rapids - and almost all of our entire families still live there. My mom is still 'disappointed' that we now live so far away from everyone. I told her a few days ago that with this land we are buying we will be staying in Tennessee at least 15 years. That made her very sad. :o( But land is so expensive in MN - we would never have a chance there, and here is where the work is.

Most of the time I appreciate the distance, as my family can stress me out, even over the phone. There are so many things I just can't help with - even if I was there to try. I was raised as 'the mediator', but could never mediate anything for very long before it was spinning out into havoc again - so... drat, 10 days of emotional hurricane for me.

In good news - Mr. J's sister wants me to teach her to knit ;o)

And did you notice I said going to Minnesota with THREE cats? Squint is coming up with us. We know a lot more people up there that just might be willing to take on a housecat with special needs, and actually take care of him. I'll say that for the people I know - they are kind to animals :o)

Squint's ear is going to be permanently curled up and disfigured. But his eye is clear and he can see out of it. Cats have veins that run near the base of their ear, close to the jaw - and his must have been damaged on that side, because his ear is getting hard, and closing up. The picture below shows his bad ear, it looks yucky, but it really is better. Before, the ear flap was hiding a bad infection underneath it.

This little guy really is SO sweet..
He loves to play, and runs across the room to be near me.
He fell asleep on Mr.J's shoulder yesterday while he watched a movie.
He needs a kind, loving person
who can see past the 'ugly' ear.

He'll also benefit from another week of healing and special attention. Mischa(dog at work) cleaned him again after this picture. She has helped him tremendously, his wounds are healing well and the scabby stuff is coming off to show new skin underneath. I already have a lead on somebody here in Paris who might like one of the other kittens -- I'll be taking cute pics to her later this week.


Chris said...

I hope that we have better weather for your visit than we had the past week or so! :)

Getting a kitten is tempting me, but our condo rules only allow one pet. Probably for the best...

Jeanne said...

Hmmmm....Another Yarn Store in MN. At least it's not in the metro area....this one might have a chance.

Unfortuantely I'm at MAXCAT, or I'd take Squint off your hands. But then, I used to think MAXCAT = 3, and now I find myself thinking it's 4. Who knew?

Carrie K said...

I think your cats will survive the trauma. I wish I could take Squint, but alas, it was hard enough to get Hezekiah approved. He's such a cutie pie.

Ah, family mediator. Always a thankless job. So is a "have fun" an oxymoron? ;) It'll be fun. At least it'll be finite.

Jennifer said...

Wow! You guys are brave to travel with three furbabies! Hats off to you!