Friday, February 06, 2015


7:30    - discussion, cars, boats, maps, friends, Costa Rica, air currents in 'orbit' on a cold window
I told her I had ordered a book about how cars work on the inside and hoped it would be good.  She wandered all over many topics after this but it was really good learning conversation, questions etc...
8a      - break

8:45    - print out 9 page world map, tape it together and discussion of places
She wanted 'map pins' the 'round thing that is a pin that goes on the map and tells you that it is a point to this'...okay, I think I understand that!  We marked where Costa Rica is because it is a place one of her 'two friends outside the house in the counties are'..I think she meant 'friends in different countries'...
9:15    - break

She really wanted to do Cyberchase game with me and Khan math, but I had to go.
Mom went to work... Somehow I read the schedule wrong, I was supposed to be there at 9!  *eep*

9.45a    - pbskids
10.45a    - reading aloud (The Sun and the Wind)
--There was a short question and write-the-answers after this Mark showed me, and Esme did well.  Writing is her weakest subject and she has been doing more of it lately without as much fuss.

11a    - electric company (ep 57a)
12.15p    - break

1.45p    - drawing
She drew things she liked out of Goat Simulator.  Her drawing is getting very good - she drew more than a dozen pages of different places in the game.   I loved seeing her 'this is me out in Space' picture.. try to upload it later.

2.15p    - done

In other news:  // We are making some plans for a new shower curtain for the bathroom, which is a big deal sort of -- we've been all these past eight years without one because of the geometry being odd.  And me, a fashion plumbing designer, and we still haven't gotten it figured it out yet.  Also, we finished Dragonbox.. I had to do the last one about six times, but I figured it out and showed Mark and Esme what the problem was.   Now she'd like me to go play Combat and Pong with her on the Atari system.  We're still planning to go skating at a friend's house this weekend one day...

These are just SOME of her drawings of goat simulator..

 This one made me laugh!
This is me in space.  And those are rocks.
 This is the hang glider over the forest, but you don't lick it - but if you did, it would look like this.
And that is the goat fighting ring down below
 riding a firework in the city
she says that on top of one of the buildings is the DJ party
 throne room in the goat castle
 spaceship taking her goat to space

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