Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday tests, town trip, and Pokemon

Covering some word elements in handwiting before the spelling test.

9a    - discussion, zip code, Boston blizzard, wild animals fear of humans, writing upside-down
9:15a - math test
9:40a - attitude break
//the last three problems in the test were 'so dificult'...really she was just getting tired of it.  She proved to me we need to work on carrying even more and telling time past the half hour (5:45, 5:50 etc)
//I made her take a break before she could do the dragon stuff, specifically because she had made such a guff about doing those problems.  She was appalled, but took her glass tiles downstairs and noisily played and came back proclaiming her bad mood was done.

10 - dragon city math, time, reading, inquiry
11 - break - Daddy had just pulled a pork roast out of the oven.  Lunch!

11:40 - handwriting copying silly sentences, spelling test - 16 words, excellent
12:00 - break

12:30 - make list for trip to town, talk about geometry shapes
1:00  - Lowes, ask for help, get items, talk to people
//she had to ask where the drawer pulls were and look for the word 'tile' to find the tile dept.
//we bought some pulls for her top drawer and some octagon and square tiles.

1:30  - library, shop for books, play with younger girl, 'Twisteroo' against me, a game where you copy each other like twister but you take turns on the rug showing the move and seeing if the other can do it.
---math games Stacked Sums and Difference Jump (very cool games!)

2:30  - P.E. at playplace, talk and play with kids
---there were eight to ten kids there - she had a blast, and there were several disputes solved where an older girl was scaring some younger ones.  Esme made a group to talk to her about it up in the slides - she told me this later on the way home.  They all agreed it was just play but it was scaring the other little girl.
3:30  - break
4:45  - greenhouse, watering plants
5p    - done

She bought a Human Body and a Pokemon book at the library.  We checked out one book for reading about a boy with swimming frog powers.  She has been engrossed in the Pokemon book - looking at all the names and powers and the 'levelling up' they can do.  I like the phonetic spellings in it - and have been pointing them out to her how to read them.  Mark had me buy a dictionary for her - there was a decent one for one dollar in the bookstore.  I stocked up on some magazines for me and found a few other random books.  She keeps asking me how many miles is it to Canada a joke when things get too wearing on her... there was a 25 cent book on Canada, so I bought it and put it on her desk.  HA.

The drawer pulls look pretty good!  She picked pink ceramic ones that were not expensive.  I think we'll do the other two drawers, too.  I had her practice measuring and marking, (9 inches out from edge, 2.5 inches down - for later)  then I drilled the holes and we saw if the screws fit through them.  Then we talked about 'clockwise' turning to tighten.   She fetched a hammer and a screwdriver when asked, and put them away at the end as well.  It's nice to accomplish something useful as a team :)  // -- Why a hammer?  Because I had to tap one of them a bit to make it sit straight against the inside of the drawer - it just didn't want to play fair (the hole was probably drilled slightly at an angle)  The tap worked and the screwdriver was to hold the screw in place so it didn't spin while the handle was put onto it.

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