Monday, February 16, 2015

snow bits

It snowed, sleet and ice.  I stayed home from work - and we gave Esme a snow day.  She was awake at 6:30 and I kept her in the house as much as I could until 9 am.. when she just kept popping out the door every five minutes to make sure I knew it wasn't cold outside.  Bundled her up.  She played.  The dogs played.  They all ran around the yard like giant hopping rabbits chasing her about.  Minerva and Sweetie were rolling each other around in it like puppies.  She threw 'glitter' snowballs, because it wouldn't hold together at all.  She tried to use the sled and had forgotten how to use it - momentarily.. then she was at the top of the hill paddling like a pleiosaur down the driveway.  I just couldn't bring myself to go out there - so cold!  Mark went out for a few minutes, and came back in freezing after a short trip down the hill.

Esme finally came in, and I made her black tea and milk and sugar, with a hot chicken patty for breakfast.  She ate.  She went back outside... I played Civilzation V and she played some with me...bopping around me until the afternoon.  We played the Earth map and talked about the geography compared to the map...even though it wasn't a school day.  The falling ice and freezing rain finally stopped somewhere in there.  Mark made us a lunch of hot buttered rolls, and then we went out and fed the chickens and gave them feed in their house and hot water in their bowl.  They were walking around hopping from foot to foot.. but were very glad to drink from the little bit of water while it was available.  I had to use some of the hot water to open the gate latch, as it was frozen solid from the sleet and freezing rain.  Then I finally said it was time for me to sled with her.  We took two trips and then I retreated back inside, too... playing more CIV and talking her into taking a warm bath since Daddy had just left the hot water from his.  She really needed one...and it has been so cold we didn't press it last night (Wet hair at night, etc.) 

Some dinner, some playing campfire in her room with spooky ghost stories and etc...She had torn up a cardboard paper towel tube and was pretending it was logs for a fire.  She had a big wheel K'nex on each of two K'nex sticks and was 'roasting marshmallows'.  She had a story for me about a vampire potato that gave zombie-like instructions to its victims and made roots grow out of their heads.  She told Mark the story, too...  I told her the real story about the man whose car smelled bad for days and then one day he had a dead snake come out from under his seat when he moved it forward getting something out of the seat.  She said EW...

Now she is playing more games after having built a robot with K'nex.  She is trying to solve where the batteries are in goat simulator and where to put them.  I think she just got it.

Have to think about if we're going in tomorrow...the roads won't be any better, and there might be more weather on the way.  If I'm home tomorrow and can work up the ambition.. maybe make this: Corn muffins with peanutbutter or a recipe out of one of the magazines I have for lemon cornbread sugar cookies.

Quote from Esme today:  While I was playing CIV she leans on my shoulder and sticks her hand out palm-up to me and says 'Do we really need this war, Mom?  I mean, really need it?  Can't you just stop this and go home?'  The moments.  She played it quite a bit on her own later, including battles... but just can't help writing that one down for her for later.

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