Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday bits (of ice)

Little pilot doll and the plush airplane jet.  An order for the KnitOwl toys shop on Etsy : KnitOwl Toys
I made the doll as an extra (and Esme got one, too) because we are so iced in... it turned out okay, will work some more at them :)

 We still have a glass-like surface of ice all over everything.  That short melt we had the other day just wasn't enough to do the froze back even slicker.

It doesn't look so  bad from here, but that glass-like surface is there.  Mark measured the roof ice at almost 2 inches when it came down briefly yesterday.

9.30a    - laundry, operating washer and dryer, she needed and wanted to - so it was a great time to introduce it all to her.  She can reach all the buttons if she stands on the dog food container, which she did!

9.45a    - reading & summarizing story, reading comprehension sheet First Second Third
--------Had her draw out a figure as well that showed the clothing and colors in the sheet.
10a    - reading aloud (stink frog book & how birds got colors)
10.30a    - break, 'brunsh' and cartoon movie

12:00a - drawing and writing 'comic book' about movie Quest for Camelot
----She had wanted to count watching the movie for school, but we said it had to be more than that - so after the movie she did an hour making three pages with drawings and writing, and a cover.  I counted this as spelling too, as she had to ask for words she didn't know and copy other things like 'Excaliber' that I wrote for  her.
1 p    - dragon city and copycat game - monster city, upkeep, interface, reading
2p     - break

2.45p  - mathific - 1st and 2nd grade activities
3.15p  - break

4p     - Joy of Painting s04e13
4.30p  - done

Some of the Camelot book she made

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