Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday dragons come marching in

9a    - math, time, reading with dragon city
//growing food, watching time, subtraction (up to four digits) and multiplication-as-repeated-addition exercises, both on paper and verbal - estimating, checking to see if she had enough food to fulfill needs, planning, using the interface and reading up on what to do next where etc.  She learned h can stand for hour, m for minute, and k for 1000 of something.  There was a bit of complaint when I was having her do a paper problem and she saw the food was harvestable and she didn't want to waste time doing the math...sarcasm and snippyness... I said we could be done right there if she wanted to act that way - she shaped up. 

10:30  -  handwriting with dragons
//I told her because she did that so quickly (I had allotted fifteen minutes for one side of the paper, and she did both in ten and was LAUGHING about it, instead of grumping) she could freeplay while I washed my hair, and then when I got back I'd answer any questions if she had them.  She told me she saw (name) and (name) dragons in the books and then saw them in someone else's habitats and knew them by their shadows.  And - this was so exciting! 

10:40  -  freeplay in dragons (mostly spent reading the dragon manual, options and breeding rules)
11:00  -  rainforest animals : pythons - looking at our world map to see where they live
//There is a pullout 3 page painting from one of our Nat'Geos that shows rainforest animals by shadow in a smaller graphic, then she finds the number for that silhouette and it tells her the name.  She picked the python to look up more about today.   She thought the carpet python was pretty, and noted that her friend is now in Costa Rica and several of those snakes live near there.  Noted 'Central America' between North and South America, and Indonesia above Australia.

11:15  -  break

12.45p - snap circuits #13, 14, 15, 16
2p     - PE (11x 500ft laps)
2.30p  - done

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