Monday, February 09, 2015


Mark almost let Esme off for a sick day today - she had eaten breakfast and done a project with me - and then started to fall asleep on him doing her copywork - really fall asleep, not pretend.  He gave her some cough syrup and a nap after I left for work and she was feeling much better in a few hours.  Chicken soup for breakfast doesn't sound so bad now...

8.45a    - oobleck; recipie hunt, meausuring, mixing
discusion of : force resistance, descriptor/identifier, wet vs. dry, everything over 3 feet in the room, living vs. not living...then she asked me what the difference in flour and water was and cornstarch and water and why it was dough vs. oobleck

word problem math division : (If you have six circles and I'll give you a square for every two circles, how many squares could you get?  If you have six million circles and I'll give you a square for every million circles, how many squares?  if you had 42 dogs and needed an extra leash for every ten dogs - how many EXTRA leashes would you need?)

spelling on the refrigerator of the Dough Although poem we made up on the fly
talk about Bermuda Triangle, quicksand etc...

9:30 - Mom had to leave for work, she was still playing 'Pancake Falls Swamp - where you get eaten by pancakes' and making patterns in the oobleck - Daddy said they added food coloring and made a containment field (ziploc bag) before cleanup time.

10.30a    - cleanup
10.45a    - break

//nap occurred in here.
4p    - copywork : quick brown fox
4.45p    - gardening
5p    - pbskids
6p    - cooking pasta
6.15p    - done

She would like to look more at the Bermuda Triangle for school one day this week.  She is excited about the idea of going to a movie next Thursday.  She had a lot of interest in the rainforest (South American and African comparison) pullouts in the Nat'Geo... and we could use that to help her research different animals.  She is coming along with the 'We can look it up' and 'can you type it into Google' used to take a lot more to get her to take a stab at looking it up because she is so afraid to spell it wrong -- and now that she has seen the auto complete she is more willing.

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