Saturday, February 07, 2015


Chicken soup has become breakfast two days in a row, as Esme is trying to get/not get a cold.  We wish it would hurry up and be Spring already.  I was reading this excellent article Techies Hack Education by Homeschooling their Kids and it sounded a lot like our house.  The banter later in the article was pure gold.  We really are 'unschooling' but steering a little and making sure we cover the basics and track our time.  It seems to be keeping her engaged, although she yearns for more peer interaction.  Which, I am trying to get for her.  If Spring can get here, if warm weather can get here, there will be more outdoors time and everyone will be happier.

The puppy is settling himself in.  Squeaker, our last Great Dane, is very lonely outside without his mother and sister.  We are wondering if there is a way to rotate the dogs through the yard to spend time with him -- they are kind of thinking the same thing.  Mark mentions he has seen (And I have, too.) the Catahoula crew rotating who stays at the fence edge and spends time with him and who is out hunting and patrolling.  They know he needs someone, too - and are doing their best to see he gets it.

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