Monday, February 02, 2015


8.45    - gardening, greenhouse maintenance
--the petunias are not up yet
9a    - standing in square (public school simulator!)

--Daddy said it went down like this.  Come start school now.  I want my public school!  Really, it was better?  Yes.  By now it would be 'stand in your square and face the fruit (painting)  time' for getting in trouble at breakfast, right?  I loved stand in your square time!  Really?  Really.  OK, come stand on this towel for ten minutes.  // and thus, with a few reminders and discussion about public school again, she stood on a towel for ten minutes in front of the desk to prove her point.  Then she was ready to do something more interesting.  //Mama shakes her head and continues on...  That really was nearly a daily punishment at her school..and one we didn't agree with..any more than 'sit on the rocks during all of recess because you were in trouble in the classroom...and don't pick up any rocks, or you'll be in more trouble and miss 'activity and activity' inside...'..*sigh*

9.15a    - copywork (quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog)
10a    - reading aloud (How the Birds got their got their colors)
10.15a    - break

10.45a    - dragonbox app (algebra prep)
11.45a    - break

1.45p    - PE (200x jumping jacks, 30x 10lb bench)
2p    - Planet Earth (ep 1 & 2)
3.30p    - done

We are watching Groundhog Day together :)

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