Thursday, February 19, 2015


10.45a    - using a dictionary, alphabetical words, definitions
11.15a    - break

11.30a    - Electric Company ep 322
11:45a  - spelling test  16 words
12p    - research: pet rat care - look up word from article in dictionary
//There were a lot of words here she didn't know.  She looked up how to make different rat toys, and discussed why her room would be a better environment for a rat than a bird (she has no direct sunlight in there, and birds need that to be healthy).  We think her engineering talents could be useful for making rat toys, tunnels and etc, as well.  Daddy has found an aquarium he will help her clean and make a wire cage and tower on top of.
12.30p    - break

1p    - dragons farm game, reading
2p    - break

3p    - chores, feed chickens, give water, outside (walk to mailbox, check mail, play in snow)
3.20p    - PE (200x jumping jacks)
3.30p    - minecraft, lookup and try wither crafting
//I went downstairs and made corn flatbread while Esme used minecraft wiki to look up the things she wanted to do, make withers, enter the nether, fight the ender dragon and so forth... I want her more comfortable looking things up and finding her own answers.
4.30p    - done

Will probably read some more Stink book before bed tonight.
Still wondering if we are going to make it out to town tomorrow...or if the snow on the road will be too thick and ice for us.  Esme's attitude was somewhat better, today - she did the spelling test and got started for the day when we asked..and even though she initially balked at the dictionary she found four-leaf clovers tucked away in it and that made her feel special and lucky.  She also found the foresection of the dictionary has cool topics like 'ecosystem' and 'vitamins' she will want to look back to.  She put a bookmark in there.

Esme realized her 'diary', a composition notebook, had a times table in the back of it.   There was a point, although I forget when it was, when she was asking me questions and I was shooting them back at her - with equation additions.. like - What is 8 x 8 plus two?  Math happens on the fly here, sometimes.

I realized that the multitude of knitted things I make are being put to good use this week.  Things take forever to dry even though the air is dry in here... We let the chickens out early in the morning and brought a package up to the mailbox.  Then, when it was time to feed the chickens later, it was nice to have warm and dry gloves and scarves to rely upon.  Every time I look at the bag stuffed full of things by the door and think 'way too much'...I should think about this week.

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