Friday, February 20, 2015

Freezing Friday

Esme and Mom ready for outside.

We tried to get into town, but ended up having to walk back to the house (little over a mile or so).  The truck slid down into one of the ditches and there wasn't any structural damage, thanks to Daddy's quick thinking.  We had bundled up really well in case that would happen...and Esme had refused to stay back with Grandma or such...she thought she could handle it.  She was a trooper on the way back - and kept a cool head while we were sliding, too.    I called the wrecker service and Mark walked back to meet him and bring the truck back home.  It looks like we are snowbound until the weather warms up.  Things could have been worse.  Esme says she likes summer now, not snow - so she understands why Mom and Dad say it is dangerous and why we worry when there is snow.

10.30a    - math on matific, 1st through 3rd grade activities
11.30a    - dragon city, reading, interface use, upkeep and planning

12:00  - spelling test 16 words + homonyms.. by, bye, buy, writing sentences with each
12:15 - break

1:30 - return to dragon city (1 hour waits for some things), investigating the 'strength' and 'weaknesses' in the combat part of the book.. who fights with which power best, and is vulnerable to which other powers - investigating how to breed some of the dragons she sees in the book.

2pm  - reading Stink Moody Freaky Frog book
2:3p - creativity : doll birthday party with friends, serving food, imagination
3p   - Geography lesson with our work-in-progress map (see below)
3:15 p - break
3:45 p - opening new supplies, saw water currents on two of our hallway maps! Car book came!
4p       - building with balltrack set
4:15 p - done

 Balltrack building

This is our 'work in progress 'map, made of printer paper taped together, and little bits of tape flagged for the countries we have looked at and she is "tested" on identifying.  I add a bit more each time we find a new place.  The blue push pin is where we are!  We have three hallway maps - one 'arctic circle' centered, one full world map political and a new one full world topgraphical with ocean currents.

//notes : The chickens like cabbage, and the corn from last year seems to be okay, they are eating it as long as we don't give them it every day.  So our flint corn isn't entirely to waste, either.

Esme is now having interviews on the tablet with the dogs, and videoing birds outside, as well.  We threw them some cracked corn earlier and they are greatly enjoying it. 

caution, there is a loud dog bark noise in the middle..
she is showing off her map

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