Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday mosaics and minecraft

9.30a    - tile geometry, building shapes, patterns, balance games
----I had bought a sheet of mosaic glass tile in alternating shapes on clearance at work - we cut it apart, pulled off the mesh backing, and then began to use the tiles as a combination tangram and building material toy.  She tired of making patterns quickly - and we began to build house-of-cards like structures that required patience and attention to balance and details. We talked about keeping your temper when things go wrong and trying again. 

She mentioned the tiles were a lot like dominos, but they didn't stand up - so she couldn't make domino ((cascades)).  She then said she wanted to find a thing that was like the machine that does the things that do the other things to keep going - and wanted to know how to build one.  I could see by her hands what she meant - Rube Goldberg.. and we played a screen game about that one day a few weeks ago.  Then she combined it all - and asked if that was possible in Minecraft?

---She has been using the 'I need to add one tiny detail.' and several other phrases that are quite cool to hear.  I've also heard her say 'then suit yourself' (and then ask what it meant a minute later)
10:3    - Minecraft Rube Goldberg machine video (7 minutes)
10:37   - attempt to apply things seen in video on Minecraft
---She ended up making a huge flower structure that started deep underground and blossomed up into the world above.. she said she was working on it as a secret and I had to do something else.  It was pretty cool - but then I spent another twenty minutes showing her how to do the water-->torch-->drop sand technique and challenging her to make six torches go out all at once.  She did figure it out, and demonstrated it for Daddy again when he came back from the store.

11:30     - break, Daddy was back from the store, there was lunch, and Mom leaving to go to work.

1p    - Planet Earth "Jungles" & "Shallow Seas"
3p    - done

We also found out where the seeds we ordered had come from - these are black and white dianthus and they come from Hong Kong, China.  We found it on the map.  She asked me where Guang Zhai? province was????  I don't know where she heard that, but there was something close to it on the map.  The map is becoming very useful!  I have a topographical one coming in the mail now so we can compare.  We're still waiting on the car history/construction book.

//Tomorrow I have told her we will test some spelling and some math - she has so many plans of her own, as well.  She can check in on her eggs that need to hatch in Dragon City - because they are babies and they need us, she said as she brushed her teeth.  We should check her greenhouse items (the petunias are coming up more, and Daddy bought us a new seed tray), and she mentioned something about using Google to check on a button that does something with powers in Goat Simulator - so she can research as school time and when it is afterschool time she can go try to find the things.  After she does her tests and greenhouse I have promised a town trip.  We can have some time at the library and maybe even some time at the playplace for PE if she has been in a good mood and done her things.  Then it is a cold weekend ahead.

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