Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wednesday in a long week

9a    - discuss schedule, write todo list (penmanship, spelling)
9.30a    - break

10a    - town; post office, bank, stores
//Mark said she had a chat with the recycling center guys about what went in what bin and why.  She also discussed buying stamps with the post office cashier, what was available and the patterns and cost.  She ended up buying the hearts :)
11.30a    - break

1p    - reading aloud (lion stories)
1.30p    - dragonbox algebra prep app - all but last level is now complete
2p    - math stretch
2.30p    - chores; PE (5x 500ft laps)
3p    - done

Daddy and Esme picked me up at the store after work.  We also remembered to buy kite stick dowels and 'utility macaroni' at the store for upcoming projects.  She helped me make some cornbread for dinner tonight.

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