Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday dragons

                                                        Painting practice

10 am    - dragon city game, upkeep, reading, logic (powers and battle)
10:30     - break for food

11 am     - math on matific, try frustrating activity from yesterday again
11:15am - handwriting dragon sentences and noun worksheet
11:30am - break

12 noon - Painting practice, acrylics
12:45   - break

// She has been learning from the Joy of Painting episodes!  She did great color mixing and put different color shadows on both sides of the mountain, one for shadow, one for sun rays.  I painted, too - on another sheet.. and made a few things.  I had her present her painting in a tablet video but the sound was really quiet.  I told her for school  we would work on making better videos.

1:30    - Minecraft design and exploration by herself, she went back to Horse City and built other things in several of her worlds. I limited her to one hour or this.

2:30   - painting presentation video
2:45   - 7 Wonders of World reading in Places to Know book
3       - break

4-6     - LAN play with Mom building house, pool, doing fireworks, learning multiplayer interface
6       - washing dog
6:15    - done

Note : We are still iced in.  The mailman stopped by and said we would likely not get to the highway today, either - the main road is cleared but our hills on the back road are glare ice.  The Rhymes and Poems book I had ordered the other day did not come - instead, I got another volume in the series - 'Places to Know'... not really what Esme was interested in, either.. read her the first few pages anyway.  I told her we would study those a bit more and then test  her out on it.

Daddy is trying to rest up from a cold - doing that hydrant in the cold rain the other day.
Columbus, the puppy - is getting quite spoiled.
Mark says he is like a 100 watt heater and 'eventually' he will
be too big for this... sure....sure...

Gifted and asynchronous first and second graders - article
Disclaimer : We have never had Esme tested for IQ...but she fits the profile for asynchronous so very well..and her method of learning is 'all over the board',which made regular public school tough to handle (for them, and some for her)... Some days I wonder what we're learning exactly during one of our blocks - but I realize we are learning her way - and she really is picking up skills along the way...just not the way you would expect in a 'first grade classroom.'

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