Monday, April 30, 2012

I took Esme into the doctor this morning - the fever just would not keep away.  She fell asleep on the table in the room before he finally got in to us, but I was able to wake her up when he did come in.  He thinks she has a bacterial infection in her sinuses/upper respiratory and ear canal - possibly a mild case of strep to blame.  She did not tell me her ear hurt, but it was red and she had been touching it several times there in the office which led me to ask him to check both of them.  He gave us an antibiotic, which she has thrown up and cannot have more of until tomorrow.  I hope she absorbed some of it.  I am going to give her a cooler bath in a bit but have been letting her sleep some since we got home.

Mark and I were talking more about where to put a chicken house, and how, and where to fence.  He thinks we could keep two goats in the same fence with the chickens.  I am reading up and we are planning what materials, where, and how to build.  It probably will not coalesce until later this summer.  It is a lot to take up but with the garden already ready to produce for them it might be the time to act.  We keep seeing deals on the livestock themselves but I have instincts that say to prepare their 'nest' beforehand - then we can get serious.
My idea of a structure based on Mark's plan.
He says my brain thinks in 'messed-up isometric'.
The blue 'pins' are cedar posts, and there is a fence along the side.
To me, this is a perfectly understandable representation of what we will build!

In the meanwhile I am a hovering mama.  I stayed home from work today because of getting sick myself in the middle of the night, chills and then crashing until Esme woke me up at 2 am with 102 fever again saying she needed something for the hot.  She seemed in fairly good spirits this morning despite it all - just very tired and hot and wishing I would stop and let her sleep.  I work late tomorrow - hopefully we will both have better health to report before then.

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