Saturday, April 28, 2012


Esme has been running a fever since mid-afternoon yesterday.  I got home from work and her 'cheeks hurt' was all she could tell us.  I think it is a sinus infection brewing, maybe stepped up by some bug she caught at the auction for the Amish school.  There were a lot of people and animals there, being in a crowd etc.. usually gets us all with whatever is going around.  She had a good time that day but later that night she was snorking and crying again and up half the night.  Her usual temperature is 97 on our underarm thermometer and it has been running up to 101.  Any higher than that I would have given her a fever reducer immediately - but she has been hovering between 'normal' and that for nearly 24 hours.  Mark is in town and will pick up some tylenol so we can try it out on her.  Everytime we buy it it seems she gets better before we open it and then it expires before the next time we need it!

She had seemed somewhat better this morning, woke up and was hopping and wanting me to get my blanket around my shoulders (at 6 am or so) and go outside.  She went back to sleep for a little while, and after it was over 70 outside I took her out to the west field and planted three rows of field corn - but she was just sitting there on the bag of fertilizer we have had out there for a while - staring at the ground, and the bugs, and the plants moving in the wind.  This is not my normal whirlwind child.  Inside, she was staring at her drink, and not asking for Scooby Doo or any of the other things she begs for normally.  She ate a popsicle and then wanted back outside.  She played for a few minutes before saying she was too COLD and asking for a bath.  I went to give her a bath and she puked on the floor again (after drinking juice and eating a piece of a cookie I had) and then tried to sleep in the bathtub after a few minutes.  She is still near 100 degrees - and sleeping, with liquids back in her again. 

I am monitoring her and knitting a bit on a blanket from last year - waiting for Daddy to get home from town (will be a few hours) and we will see what the rest of the day brings.  If she seems better again I do have some squash plants in the windowbox that need to go in the ground somewhere, at the very least.

Note:  I am looking at a terribly tempting pumpkin and squash seed variety site : kurkubita club, to keep my mind busy.  I keep checking on Esme every once in a while - and a few times she has woken up and looked at me with this 'wonderful teenager look' and said 'Mom!  I'm sleeping!'  OK... yes I get a bit too mothering hen at times... even she tells me that.

The medicine brought her fever down, but Esme is still tired and not perky.   I put the squash plants in the garden, hope they will make it there.   I am trying to get her to eat some chicken and drink something before she goes down for another nap.

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