Monday, April 16, 2012


I had a few beautiful dreams last night - one included something we did the other day, walking up and down the road looking at the property thinking of things we will do in the future here.  I saw a white flower growing by the side of  the road - which, I did in real life and it was a particularily pretty blackberry flower.  However, in the dream before my eyes it turned into a white lily with shaded to purplish black petals and spots and pink insides - something beautiful and striking.  I was worried dreaming of lilies was a bad thing - but it is actually exactly what we were doing - looking to the future, planning, making provisions.  Very nice.

It rained gently last night and I know the gardens enjoyed it.  I have Wednesday off from work and we will likely be out there again fiddling with little things here and there.  I've told Mark I have been thinking about different things we could raise out here - reasons for a barn and a fence and further etc...  I am researching turkeys instead of chickens.  Every time one runs in front of me across the road I think about how hard they would be to catch - but then, if they were already caught (as farm turkeys start out at the very least) it would be partway there.

Esme has a small poison ivy reaction by her eye - but it is already better than yesterday.  We washed her hands immediately after she grabbed a leaf yesterday but that was without soap at the hydrant and she did touch her face before we could get inside to the soap.

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