Sunday, April 15, 2012

Esme comments

I want my m & m's BUT are s's  (skittles).
Ouch Mom, don't do that - you hurt me! (when she is stumbling over my shoes on the other side of the room and I am nowhere at ALL near her)  Oh, haha, yea.. but YOUR shoes Mama.
Loula is my scooby-doo, (and you're shaggy then, right?)  No, I'm a Velma.  You're the Shaggy.
(Do you know what a barn is?)  I'll find it.  BARN!  BA---ARN! (calling this out into the woods and wondering why nothing comes out.)
I am a chef, and cooking and magic stuff. (sitting in front of a bowl of water she is dunking toys into)
I don't want to cook a smurf, ew yuck, don't want to eat it.  BUT - I could watch them.  I like Smurfs.  I could put them in my hand and put them on the table and then, it could talk to me!
Pizza!?  I want bologna on my pizza!  Please?
I Tell Daddy.  Daddy I see a battery up there and it will fall on our heads! (there is a battery exposed in the hallway smoke detector and she is afraid it will fall out).
I am not saying anything. (I've been hearing this one a lot lately when I ask her to repeat something that she said while I was far away)
You missed one Mom, right here.  You fill it? (When I was sorting corn kernels and had not filled a hole in the pan)
Here, you want a million dollar?  (handing me a pack of cards)
I told her we could break into her piggy bank to get some more watercolor paints for her (not that we can't afford it - but I'd like to see her reaction to paying for something small like that out of the bank).  She says:  OH NO Mama, NO NO, People like piggy banks.  Do not hit it go break - no no......  We don't have to 'break' it as it has a plug, but I didn't press it!

I heard her doing the naa-naa-naa type voice saying 'in a minute, in a minute... Mama says in a minute' after I told her I needed to water something in the garden and would be to the swing to push her in a minute.  HAHA.  A few days before that I heard her saying 'no no no... mad mad, I don't like Mama, but she is mad.'  I had just had a discussion with her about something important and she was not agreeing with me it was important.

I can't see in there.  I can't.  It is all dark in there.  ((looking down into the tube of a roll of paper towels on my desk))  Minutes later, I see her using a flashlight to look down into the tube and turning it on and off to see inside the tube.

other:  I saw a whole line up of her metal cars on the table with her watercolor paints.  She has been trying to change their colors with her paintbrush and it is not working.

She was calling Christopher Robin outside in the woods and had the whole imaginary pooh collection of characters following her in and out of the house and a pack of four baby Baxsons she was leading around the yard.  She petted each Baxson on the head and picked them all up to sit on her lap while she was on the swing. 

I can't remember exactly what the conversation was - but it was about morning and the brown bears were all asleep in the daytime, but it is nighttime now, and she went out at night to get her cook (a silver pot she left in the sand) and used the flashlight and the brown bears were not awake yet then but they would be and she was safe now.  We watched her get the pan and she came back in and had to talk about it for quite a while.

When I was at work she fell asleep in the yard with Loula the puppy while Daddy read his book.  He said she was so happy and it was such a nice afternoon he just let them sleep there for a while.  She was in a very good mood when I got home from work that day so she must have needed the nap!

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