Sunday, April 29, 2012

On Productivity in the weekend...

I've got less 'done' this weekend than I have in many weeks... two days off usually has quite a bit of accomplishment with it.   But, with Esme sick I was pretty much hovering over her and staying inside out of the garden.  She seems to have benefited from it - she is quite a bit better than she had been, and is talking up a storm to me, coming up with all her usual complicated plans and imaginary playtimes.  Just about the time I was winding down and wiped out she began her upswing and drug me outside into the heat of the day to play in the sand, play ball, play puddle.... and then Queen and Princess and Knights in Shiny Arm (Shining Armor).  We took a brief jaunt up to Grandma's to bring her radishes and for Esme to play.  Most of the rest of the day has been absorbed by three complete seasons of Scooby Doo on infinite loop.  We should all know them by heart by now!

Productivity:.  Some laundry, some squash plants transplanted out and watered, some corn seeds sorted out and three half-rows of field corn put in at the west field (making 7 or 8 total). I also did a small bit of weeding,  picked radishes and lettuce, put a few rows on the knit blanket and then began feeling not entirely happy myself (just as Esme picked up speed).  I think I hit a caffeine headache mixed with the heat.

I was thinking I should plant much more field corn down there at the garden - but.. do I really want to?  I have some pink popcorn coming in the mail to plant and the peanuts yet... I think I am now finally at that edge of how much can I take care of when I am not really gung-ho into working on it.  This weekend was one of those .. and I still managed to water a lot of things and do some work out there. 

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