Monday, April 09, 2012


I need to start on a sundress for Esme.  There are several fabrics set aside and several patterns - now I just need the ambition.  Also, my sewing table needs cleaning up in a major way. I have just been too tired to mess with it lately. To be honest, the whole house has a 'settled debris from a tornado' look.  Not quite that bad, but it is needing attention.  Maybe after the temperatures get a tiny bit warmer and I am on a better schedule. For some reason they have jacked me way early these past two weeks and I just have not adjusted to it yet.  The kittens seem to have adjusted - they are underfoot and very loud about their needs.

King of the Early bush bean
Esme had a great day yesterday.  She played outside in the water and sand a LOT, even though there was a slight chill to the air.  We all crashed about nine pm, which is not usual for this household.  The nurse practitioner said (last week) that her coughing was caused by sinus congestion from allergies.  Some days it is much more noticeable than others, and she has been drinking a lot more and sleeping a lot more.  But, I have not put her on the allergy medication they recommended.  She has never been on any medication at all.  Since they did not say this was serious - that it would pass when the pollen count goes down?  I hope that it will not last too much longer.  When she stops coughing so much it won't sit in the back of my mind worrying me (and I won't be putting chicken soup in her by instinct!)  I am off to get coffee, scan and water the garden and get ready for work.

For the record:  The squashes and dill  planted on the 1st of April are not yet up.  However, the sweet corn, lettuce and calendula are.  I am not sure how much of the basil has survived the cold weather.  I have been trying not to overwater it.


Bissy said...

Hey, i just read your post, and i am utterly amazed, i am a new blogger and i want to ask a question, how do you come up with ideas to post?

Heres my link to my blog:

Thanks, and please reply to my question

RheLynn said...

Thanks! For posts: Whatever you want to say or work out in text is a good post. Whatever you may want to look back and remember weeks, months, or years later - is a good post! I write posts thinking my daughter will read them one day - and at the same time, knowing that relatives and friends from all around the country are reading (even though 99% of them never comment). Have a great day Bissy!