Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Esme insisted on helping cut carrots for my soup last night.  She did not do too badly of a job, although after half a carrot I asked her to let me cut them and she could put them in the pot.  That worked.  This morning she put on her cut down shirt that had been mine, grabbed the store apron that looks like mine from work and insisted she was going to work with me and help fix things and eat lunch and help mama walk in the work.  She was upset but eventually helped me pack lunch and then opened the door to wave goodbye to me as I left.  Now we are eating dinner and spending some time outside.  The zucchinis are starting to come up but no other squashes yet besides the glop pumpkin.  The popcorn is not yet up.  I planted the spinach seeds in between the rows of corn to see how they will do.  We have a big day tomorrow - it is my day off but we have to install a toilet!  I have a small nerdy joy in finding about thirty Kenearly Yellow Eye beans in a bagged soup mix of beans.  I didn't feel compelled to buy that variety 'as seed' but upon having found them, they will likely become part of the planting mix.  They are bush habit drying beans - which will not be green beans and will be left on the bushes until they dry.

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