Sunday, April 15, 2012

The tomato seedlings are up, some of them.

I sorted corn kernels last night, Esme tried to help.  After reading more on corn genetics I decided to try to sort the blue out of my b/w/y and plant it exclusively in a different area.  I did some spring cleaning, need to do more.  Other than that - I am waiting for Wednesday.

Update : I couldn't wait for Wednesday.  I bought a German Queen heirloom tomato and a Blue Hubbard squash at work - because *hide* they weren't there last time I looked!  Yes, I know this is one of the warning signs of gardening addiction.  I confess, I am getting so addicted people have looked over my shoulder as I read about squash genetics at work and then they smile uneasily and say 'I wondered what is what you've been so intensely concentrating on.  It's that interesting, huh?  I'm very scared now.'   I told him I had learned more about different types of pumpkins and squash in that book than I had ever thought possible.  At that moment an old-time gardener across the room piped up agreeing with me and I took my book over there and we started comparing notes and things we had grown.  The other coworker gripped his iphone tightly, cowered and tried very hard to deal with what had started as a joke and turned into a reality, a full-fledged discussion of corn and squash genetics between two gardening geeks.  My Lina Sisco beans are coming up in the garden, and everything seems to be doing well.  There are several tomatoes that have grown LARGE and are getting ready to make flowers.  I am wondering if I should pinch them back and have them wait another week.

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